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Local Matters

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Who We Are: Local Matters’ mission is to build healthier communities through food education, access, and advocacy. We lead hands-on programming that empowers people to access the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to eat well and feed their families, regardless of income or zip code. In 2020, we reached over 16,500 people of all ages and backgrounds with life-changing programs that increase food and economic security and prevent diet-related disease.

What We Do: Since 2008, Local Matters has been a leading voice in efforts to increase access to healthy foods and provide hands-on food education. We work in partnership with other nonprofits, businesses, schools, and healthcare systems to deliver programming at over 100 sites across Ohio. We help people access healthy food through programs like Veggie Van, a mobile grocer bringing affordable, healthy food to communities without grocery stores. We provide education that helps people of all ages enhance culinary skills and develop healthy habits. Local Matters oversees more than 15 community gardens that support this work and grow fresh food, year-round.

Why We’re Important: Central Ohio is a prosperous area with a wealth of resources, but the community still faces significant challenges. Ohio was ranked 10 in the nation in 2020 for food insecurity, impacting more than two-million Ohioans. Research shows adults with low food security are more likely to have a chronic illness, intensifying the negative outcomes associated with both hunger and diet-related disease. This is particularly relevant as we grapple with COVID-19 and the disproportionate effect it has on BIPOC and poor communities. High-quality nutrition education and access is essential for increasing food security, preventing diet-related disease, and empowering people to take control of their health and well-being.

How We Impact the Community: Local Matters works everyday toward a long-term vision of equitable access to a sustainable food system and a world free of food-related chronic disease. Thus far in 2021, Local Matters helped distribute more than 8,000 meal kits to families through our educational programs, distributed 8,750 meals directly to people in need, brought tens of thousands of dollars to Central Ohio for the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables through SNAP and management of the Central Ohio Produce Perks program, and delivered hands-on food education programming to thousands of children and adults.

How You Can Help: Empowering people to access the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to eat well and feed their families on a budget is a critical tool for decreasing hunger and preventing diet-related disease. Generous supporters like you bring access to fresh food and nutrition education--delivered with dignity--to thousands of families in our community. Your support helps Local Matters bring grocery boxes to families in need; plant and harvest food from our community gardens; provide virtual and in-person cooking classes for people with diabetes and other diet-related diseases, and much more.

Connect with Local Matters

633 Parsons Avenue

Columbus, OH 43206


Executive Director: Michelle Moskowitz Brown

Development Director: Adam Fazio

Board Chair: Lori Hunter Overmyer


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