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Wellington school coeducational columbus ohio independent

Who We Are: Wellington is the first independent, coeducational school in Columbus, Ohio. Founded on the idea that education can and should be better, we continue to innovate an engagement-driven curriculum that shapes and inspires tomorrow’s leaders from preschool through grade 12.

What We Do: We help students find their purpose and realize their potential for tomorrow's world by welcoming curiosity, cultivating passion, and embracing a diversity of thought and experience. Our approach to education is agile, active, and personal, taking cues from the evolving world around us.

Why We’re Important: We believe that a strong community is a diverse one, rich with varying viewpoints and experiences. Wellington brings a unique approach to the diverse education ecosystem in Columbus - one that engages the whole student, builds a solid academic foundation, and ignites individual passions.

How We Impact the Community: We know that listening and learning narrows our differences and broadens our understanding, so we empower students of all ages to contribute meaningfully to their communities through local service projects and global learning opportunities. Through this, we are helping to shape the future leaders of Columbus and the world.

How You Can Help: Welling ton is rooted in an entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirit. The support of generous friends and community members have a positive impact on our school every day. Every dollar gifted to Wellington not only powers the important work of today, it helps build the path that guarantees our future. In addition to philanthropic giving, we are always seeking partnerships and opportunities with local businesses, service organizations, and research institutions to further enhance our academic curriculum.

Connect with The Wellington School

3650 Reed Road

Columbus, OH 43220


Executive Director: Head of School Dr. Jeff Terwin

Development Director: Laurie Beth Sweeney

Board Chair: Ted Manley


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