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Compiled by Victoria Chase

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The more than 80 cabins featured are all available to rent. With chapters divided among Forest, Tropics, Mountain, Arctic, Water and Desert, it makes it easy to find your favorite. JJ Eggers—Cabin Tripping: Where to Go to Get Away from It All—hardcover, 352 pages, Artisan Books.

From Thoreau’s famous cabin to Dahl’s garden hut, this book reveals the quirky, private, and sometimes curious places where literary magic has happened. Neil Burkey—Writers’ Retreats: Literary Cabins, Creative Hideaways, and Favorite Writing Spaces of Iconic Authors—hardcover, 176 pages, Imagine Press.

The book began as an online scrapbook compiled by friends to gather inspiration for building projects on a 55-acre tract of forest in Upstate New York. It showcases the cozy interiors of places that epitomize what comprises the enduring appeal of cabin living. Zach Klein—Cabin Porn: Inside— hardcover, 336 pages, Voracious Books.

Composed of interviews with leading architects and expert do-it-yourself advice, Cabin Fever examines some of the most enticing cabin architecture on earth. Gestalten—Cabin Fever: Enchanting Cabins, Shacks, and Hideaways—hardcover, 288 pages,

A showcase of minimal, innovative, and eco-friendly abodes around the globe. Philip Jodidio—Cabins—hardcover, 640 pages, TASCHEN;

A celebration of the simple pleasures of hanging out at home. Available in February. Elizabeth Gray—The Happy Homebody: A Field Guide to the Great Indoors—hardcover, 208 pages, Blue Star Press.

Through 20 different projects, Sarah Ditchfield shows readers how to make beautiful candles for all occasions, using both traditional and modern materials and techniques. Sarah Ditchfield—Making Candles—paperback, 80 pages, Search Press.

Drawing inspiration from snow-covered mountains, ski towns, and cozy winter cabins, author Lizzie Kamenetzky shares recipes that are perfect for savoring in front of a crackling log fire. Lizzie Kamenetzky—Fireside Food for Cold Winter Nights: More than 75 comforting and warming recipes—hardcover, 160 pages, Ryland Peters & Small.

A giftable collection of 70 cocktails composed to fortify against the cold. Editors of Punch—Winter Drinks: 70 Essential Cold-Weather Cocktails—hardcover, 160 pages, Ten Speed Press.


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