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Holiday 2023 Editor's Letter

I have a Google document with every Sophisticated Living Editor’s letter I have written since we launched in Columbus nearly ten years ago. At over 100 pages, it is a diary of sorts that tracks not only changes in life and work and kids, but changes in me. Those early letters read a bit guarded to 2023 Amelia. Written to gain reader engagement and explain who and what Sophisticated Living Columbus would be, they now seem like nervously written and likely conspicuous sales pitches intended to convince you (and me) that I was fit to lead a magazine with the word sophisticated in the title. With each passing year, these letters have become more and more vulnerable - an honest representation of the personal and professional challenges and successes faced by an average Appalachian-turned-midwesterner just trying to navigate mid-life. It is hard to be vulnerable and honest - particularly when you are putting words down into print that will be read by thousands of readers, many of whom you have never even met. But sometimes the hardest place to be vulnerable and honest is with myself. As they say - denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.

Denial has been a helpful ally across my life, helping me to persevere through some tough circumstances as a kid, in my marriage and dating life, and even as a mom or struggling entrepreneur. Closing my eyes to the reality of a situation and just working harder to fix it has been a whole lot less scary than admitting that something just isn’t ever going to be the way I think or want it to be. Admitting and accepting limitations, imperfections, uncertainty, and conflicting wants and needs takes a lot of courage, but honestly has brought me a whole lot more peace and compassion than resisting reality ever has.

So, it is with a whole lot of acceptance and a bit of mustered courage that I share with you my last issue of Sophisticated Living Columbus as Editor in Chief. After 9.5 years (is it telling that I am a bit disappointed not to have made it to 10??) operating the Columbus market, the truth is that while I have enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to connect with my community, tell meaningful stories, and share aspirational travel experiences, an opportunity has presented itself to get back to the roots that brought me to SL in the first place: as an auctioneer and appraiser. You can follow along my journey or connect with me at

For now, this change means that the Columbus market will take a pause. I’d love to find someone to whom I can pass the torch - and would be so excited to help someone else usher in the next era of SLC. If you or someone you know would be a good fit, feel free to reach out to me at to discuss the details.

For now, best wishes for a joyful holiday season, and as we approach 2024, here is to honesty, courage, and new beginnings.

Warm wishes.



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