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Marburn Academy

Who We Are: Marburn Academy is an independent day school serving the educational needs of bright students who learn differently due to dyslexia, executive function difficulties and attention issues. In a typical year, Marburn educates more than 370 students year-round in its day school and summer programs for students in grades 1-12*.It is the only school in central Ohio with programs designed to address the full range of unique learning and personal development needs of students with learning differences .At Marburn Academy, we celebrate students who learn differently, empowering them to awaken their potential, to achieve success in school and life, and to drive positive change in our communities.

What We Do: At Marburn Academy, we provide a positive and safe learning environment, a place where students can thrive and grow. This happens through a one-on-one advisory structure, hands-on experiential learning, Orton-Gillingham language classes and small class sizes. Grades1 through 8 have an 8:1 student/teacher ratio; in HighSchool, it is 16:1. Marburn provides a full complement of art, music, drama and technology classes as well as co-curriculars in sports, the arts and community service.

Why We’re Important: Students entering Marburn Academy often feel defeated by their educational journey. Marburn Academy meets students where they are, celebrates each of them and helps them find their strengths. When students leave Marburn Academy, their view on education has changed. They have confidence, they advocate for themselves and they are on the path toward success.

How We Impact the Community: Marburn Academy is a resource to the central Ohio community with such services as Free Parent Seminars, Free Early ReadingScreenings, and Marburn On-Demand, a free e-learning platform focused on educating caregivers about learning differences. Marburn also partners with local non-profit organizations such as The Columbus Metropolitan Library and Nationwide Children's Hospital.

How You Can Help: Each year some families who need Marburn Academy are forced to make other arrangements because they cannot afford the tuition. Now, amid the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that there are even more families in our community experiencing sudden and significant financial hardships. The majority of Marburn students receive the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship, though it is still not enough to cover the costs associated with such specialized teaching practices. Marburn Academy raises funds through its Annual Fund to benefit our students with need-based scholarships; for the 2019-2020 school year, Marburn awarded over $1.23 million in aid. With your investment, we will be one step closer to meeting the needs of families and increasing access for those who need it most.* First grade available based on the number of qualified applicants.

Connect with Marburn Academy

9555 Johnstown Road

New Albany, OH 43054


Head of School: Eldrich Carr

Chief Advancement Officer: Lucy Godman

Board Chair: Brian Hicks, Owner and CEO, Hicks Partners


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