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IMPACT Community Action

Who We Are: At IMPACT Community Action, our mission is to fight poverty by providing hope – inspiring help and real opportunities for self- sufficiency. We are the leading poverty fighting agency in Franklin County, serving more than 24 thousand households annually in Franklin County.

What We Do: For more than a decade IMPACT Community Action has deployed a year-round strategy to combat poverty at its core. We have made incredible progress in bundling barrier reduction, case management, computer and financial literacy with work readiness. Vocational Training & Certification is providing career options for construction trades, healthcare and truck driving. Our focus is a livable wage for all participants. Our youth are able to thrive through the Achieve More and Prosper Program. IMPACT believes in healing centered coaching as a strategy against generational poverty. Young people are provided the opportunity to create their financial future through experiential learning as they pursue education, employment, enlistment or entrepreneurship. For the most vulnerable in our communities IMPACT offers a scope of services that range from crisis and critical needs to long term efficiency programs such as the Home Energy Assistance Program for utilities, water, rent/ mortgage assistance programs, transportation support, birth certificates and I.D.’s. Energy efficiency is the long term benefit of the American Electric and Home Weatherization Assistance Program. We work side by side by with our partners; local, state, federal and private to assist low -income families and help them achieve economic stability that leads to self- sufficiency.

Why We're Important: At IMPACT Community Action we believe in the ripple effect as the continued life-changing process of our service delivery model. The cycle of poverty rarely has one solution and therefore requires the collective impact of cross-sector partners to combat it. Since 2008, we have served the most vulnerable in our communities. These are households that are at or below 125% of the federal poverty level. We address their multiple needs through a comprehensive approach, develop partnerships with other community organizations, involve low-income clients in the agency’s operations, and administer a full range of coordinated programs designed to have a measurable impact on poverty. IMPACT’s holistic approach moves individuals and households from crisis to stability, stability to empowerment, empowerment to self – sufficiency and self-sufficiency to advocacy. For those who feel that there is no way out of poverty, IMPACT is a pathway to stronger economic mobility.

How We Impact The Community: COVID-19 devastated many families with job loss and high medical bills. IMPACT, through generosity of funding from the City of Columbus, Franklin County Commissioners and other generous corporate donors has been able to prevent homelessness and additional stress on an already crowded shelter system by providing rental assistance to more than 4,000 people (at the time of this printing) with an average payment of $2,200.

We have an opportunity to change things NOW for the future. but we can’t keep silent about it. The dialogue about poverty and economic equity must continue, and support for innovative programs that combat it must grow.

How You Can Help: IMPACT Community Action is committed to reducing poverty however we can’t do it alone. Every day there is someone at our door hoping that we can help them. We need a solution for the two-income minimum wage-earning family that spends more than 40% of their income on housing and the single mother who is working 60 hours a week to afford transportation and insurance and the dislocated worker who was laid off because artificial intelligence replaced their job. We have an opportunity to change things NOW for the future but we can’t do it without your support. Your contribution will pilot innovative programs, develop strategic partnerships and support advocacy efforts. Donate at

Here are some ways that you can help:

  • Individual giving

  • Corporate giving

  • Event sponsorship

  • Donated Products, Materials & Services

  • Planned Giving

  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • Become a Board Member

Connect with IMPACT Community Action

711 Southwood Avenue

Columbus, Ohio 43207


Chief Operating Officer: Robert “Bo” Chilton

Board Chair: Bishop Robert O.E. Keyes


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