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Mid-Ohio Food Collective

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Who We Are: The Mid-Ohio Food Collective acquires & distributes a significant amount of nutritious food to our hungry neighbors. and -we’re a hub for caring people who want to give back with their time, talent, & treasure. We’re a welcome place to imagine, re-imagine, and to test out fresh new ideas to tackle tough issues impacting our neighbors. We work hard to create & apply technologies, using data to innovate & inform our work. We are the largest hunger-relief organization in central and eastern Ohio. We partner with an amazing agency network of some 700 local charities across 20 counties to nourish our communities.

What We Do:

  • The Mid-Ohio Foodbank provides enough food for about 170,000 meals a day to help stabilize families.

  • Mid-Ohio Markets are free food markets, making fresh, healthy food and wrap-around services more accessible for people struggling to make ends meet.

  • Mid-Ohio Farmacy focuses on Food as Health by exploring innovative approaches for access to healthy food to improve health outcomes.

  • The Mid-Ohio Kitchen provides nourishment for all, fostering the positive impact that fresh food has on the physical and mental health of our customers.

  • The Mid-Ohio Farm is an “edu-farm’ model that transforms vacant spaces into fresh, food-producing smart farms

Why We’re Important: One in five Ohioans–one in four children–does not know where their next meal is coming from. Our mission is to end hunger, one nourishing meal at a time while co-creating communities where everyone can thrive. Hunger costs us all. It afflicts our healthcare system, erodes our public education system, depreciates productive workforces, and forces tradeoffs between spending decisions that can destabilize homes. The Mid-Ohio Foodbank has the advanced logistics & warehouse to distribute millions of pounds of food—nearly 65% fresh—to our communities.

How We Impact the Community: The Food Collective partners with an agency network of almost 700 partners that include after-school programs, community centers, daycares, emergency shelters, faith-based organizations, food pantries, senior centers, and soup kitchens to provide groceries and meals directly to people in need. The Food Collective’s (5) assets; foodbank, farm, farmacy, kitchen, and market allow us to reach broadly and deeply across demographic groups and geography to address the local needs of specific communities. This operating model drives robust efficiencies with $1 helping to provide $9.50 in groceries. Simply put, our work is only possible because of these incredible community partnerships.

How You Can Help: Our work is fueled by the thousands of individuals, businesses, foundations, and organizations who make gifts each year through traditional philanthropy, planned giving, corporate and employee giving. Our ability to feed almost 700,000 people each year relies on this financial support, and we are deeply grateful to our donors. Last year, due to covid-19, we experienced a greatly reduced number of volunteers available to help. The Ohio National Guard (ONG) was deployed and was able to fill in and work 76,000 hours. Now that the ONG has been decommissioned, we need our volunteers back, now more than ever.

Connect with The Mid-Ohio Food Collective

3960 Brookham Drive

Grove City, OH 43123

614.277.FOOD (3663)

President and CEO: Matt Habash

Vice President of Development: Emily Alonso-Taub

Board Chair: Amy Gilmore, IGS Energy


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