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California - The Golden Coast

Left to right: Brent Neale pendant ($14,500; OERA ring from Tabayer ($2,850; Chris Ploof Oak Mokume Gane ring in red and yellow gold and silver ($3,150; Ileana Makri Cascade bracelet ($32,782; Akaila Reid wavy collar necklace ($15,000;


Left to right: Arman Sarkisyan silver snake cuff ($3,550; Guita M rough cut gemstone necklace ($14,000; Tabbah Reptilia necklace ( Maya Gemstones The Odyssey talisman ring white enamel, black rhodium and diamonds ($5,750; Sylvia Furmanovich Bastet marquetry earrings ($8,360; Begum Khan Scarab earrings (

Florida - The Sunshine State

Left to right: Sun symbol earrings from Elena Votsi ($650; Sorellina La Luna earrings ($11,000; Temple St. Clair 18K Sole Ring ($3,200; L’Atelier Nawbar 3 In 1 Day and Night Ring ($1,800; Never Not sunglasses pendant with opal and diamond ($4,084;

Hong King - The Pearl of the Orient

Left to right: Rainbow K Imperial choker ( Matara Studio The Breeze of Wealth pendant ($4,850; Turquoise and golden South Sea cultured pearl Modernist earrings from Assael ($14,000). Available through Diamond Cellar in Columbus and Nashville and at Tahitian pearl necklace from the Yoko London Starlight Collection ($4,500; Cynthia Ann Jewels antique seed pearl crown pendant ($6,525;

Paris - The City of Love

Left to right: Marie Lichtenberg Love You locket ($3,430; Yvonne Léon bracelet ($12,500; John Hardy Manah station bracelet ($495). Available through Reis-Nichols Jewelers in Indianapolis, Davis Jewelers in Louisville and at Deborah Pagani heart hair pin ($110; Tabbah Talisman earrings (

Las Vegas - Sin City

Left to right: Pamela Love Claude pendant ($4,700; Jovana Djuric Jewelry Horus Diamond Ego Pincher ring ($10,995; Rainbow K handcuff earring ( Vram Chrona double cuff ($15,600; Vernier Mon Jeu rose gold and titanium bracelet ($2,580). Available in St. Louis through Elleard Heffern Fine Jewelers and at Aisha Baker SWAG! ring ($10,800;

Seattle - The Emerald City

Left to right: Gismondi Genesi emerald bracelet ($20,600; Chose emerald ring with Columbian emerald from Reza’s ‘Facette’ series ($86,900; Lionheart Jewelry Lovey charm ($2,685; Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36 in18 ct Everrose gold with green aventurine dial. Available through the Richter & Phillips Company in Cincinnati, Diamond Cellar in Columbus and Nashville, Reis-Nichols Jewelers in Indianapolis, Davis Jewelers in Louisville, and Tanya Farah emerald and diamond small flower necklace ($3,600;

Jaipur - The Pink City

Left to right: Argyle Pink diamond halo necklace by J Fine ( Bondeye Jewelry emerald cut rose quartz pendant and chain ($1,390; Anna earring from Emily P. Wheeler ($3,800; Nouvel Heritage pink sapphire earrings ($4,700). Available through Reis-Nichols Jewelers in Indianapolis and at Andrew Geoghegan Chocolate Box Viva Magenta cocktail ring ( Melissa Kaye Lola pink ring ($1,550). Available through Moyer Fine Jewelers in Indianapolis and at sl


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