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Magical Moments Foundation

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Who We Are: Magical Moments Foundation is the only wish granting public charity that serves children with facial differences, those that are the result of genetic differences and rare disorders, congenital anomalies, trauma, burns, or cancer treatment. We work together with children and their families to create magical adventures and experiences that provide comfort, inspiration, and encouragement to children that face the world with a difference and that endure the long-lasting pain and emotional scars of teasing, bullying, and appearance-related stigma. We make children’s dreams a reality and bring smiles to their faces while restoring their sense of hope, joy, wonder, and empowerment.

What We Do: We create magical experiences that teach children that they are not limited by their appearance but only by the size of their dreams. Each child’s unique story, their wish, and the impact of the wish on their overall spirit receive consideration. Once a child is selected to receive a magical moment, we craft a meaningful experience to create memories to last a lifetime. Our wishes have connected children with professional and Olympic athletes, Grammy award-winning artists, and celebrity chefs and have allowed them to go behind the scenes in the movie, restaurant, and automobile industries and much more!

Why We’re Important: In a world that values appearance, children with facial differences often endure the pain of teasing, bullying, staring, and isolation . . . all of which can leave emotional scars that last a lifetime. Many such children grow up in a world that tells them that, because of their differences, their dreams must be smaller than those of other children . . . that there are things that they cannot do and that they cannot be. The magical moments that we create teach children to see the beauty in themselves and inspire them to fulfill their full potential.

How We Impact the Community: Through the work that we do, we not only to make a difference in the lives of children growing up with facial differences, but we also increase community awareness of the lifelong harm caused by appearance-related stigma. By sharing our children’s stories and those of the magical moments we create, Magical Moments Foundation promotes widespread acceptance of facial diversity within our community and allows everyone to celebrate the true beauty of all children.

How You Can Help: We value partnerships, but more importantly, we value relationships. Together, we can change the way that the world sees difference and to help children with facial differences understand that they are both beautiful and limitless! Get involved and help make children’s dreams come true as a Magical Moments volunteer or ambassador. Help create magical moments through the kindness of a gift, a memorial or honorary sponsorship, an in-kind donation, or planned giving. . . or create your own magic by hosting a Magical Moments fundraiser or a Piles for Smiles yard sale! More information is available on our website.

Connect with Magical Moments Foundation

PO Box 3394, Dublin, Ohio 43016


Executive Director: Krista Schrader

Board Chair: Richard Kirschner


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