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Asia's Hope

Who We Are: Providing family-style residential care for orphaned children at high risk of sexual and economic exploitation in Cambodia, Thailand and India.

What We Do: Asia’s Hope provides healthcare, education, and extensive resources to orphaned children in a family-style environment. All Asia’s Hope homes are led by indigenous “parents” to keep the children immersed in their native culture.

Why We're Important: Asia’s Hope works to provide a healthy, child-centered alternative to institutional orphan care. We believe that our model can be adapted, improved and implemented around the world — any place where there are orphaned children who cannot be safely reunited with their biological relatives.

How We Impact The Community: The expected educational outcomes for Asia’s Hope kids far exceed those of the general population, including kids not orphaned or abandoned. In Cambodia, for instance, fewer than 15% of college-age adults have graduated grade 12, but 90% of Asia’s Hope Cambodia kids are on track to graduate high school. And nearly all of our high school graduates qualify for university admission. We see similar outcomes in Thailand and India as well. Today, more than 120 Asia’s Hope students are attending university, and are poised to take positions of leadership in business, academia, government and the arts.

How You Can Help: You can donate monetarily or you can contact us if you’re interested in leading your church, business or family into a partnership to sponsor homes, college scholarships, schools or student centers.

Connect with Asia's Hope

296 W 4th Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43201


Executive Director: John McCollum



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