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Who We Are: With over 40 years’ experience, CompDrug offers comprehensive services in substance use and mental health prevention and treatment, with a person-centered, holistic approach. Specializing in Medication for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD), CompDrug integrates medical, clinical, and psychiatric staff to wrap services and supports around the patient. More than treatment, CompDrug provides outreach, engagement and harm reduction in the community and is also home to the nationally-recognized youth prevention program, Youth to Youth.

What We Do: CompDrug is a large, outpatient behavioral health facility offering wrap-around outpatient care, including Medication for Opioid Use Disorder, for those struggling with substance use or mental health diagnoses. Without a waitlist, outpatient care is a great choice for many. CompDrug offers resources to overcome the most common barriers to treatment such as transportation and financial assistance. CompDrug is a leader in treating pregnant individuals with opioid use disorder and integrating MOUD with the clinical and therapeutic components one needs for long-term recovery.

Why We’re Important: As one of the first licensed, certified Opioid Treatment Providers in the area, CompDrug continues to be a leader in treating mental health and addiction using evidence-informed practices with a people-first approach. At a time when behavioral healthcare is more needed than ever, and access is limited, the comprehensive outpatient treatment option is a critical one for our system of care.

Our outreach saves lives through training and distribution of hundreds of Naloxone (Narcan) kits. Our Youth to Youth program fosters youth who have the resiliency, life skills and support to overcome challenges. Taken together, CompDrug is addressing addiction across the lifespan.

How We Impact the Community: Our services combined reach thousands of people everyday and are instrumental in saving lives, preventing problems, and proving that treatment works.

How You Can Help: More than a donation, your gift is an investment in our Central Ohio community. Addiction and mental health disorders are pervasive community issues that takes an entire community to address.

Connect with CompDrug

547 E 11th Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43211


Executive Director: Dustin Mets

Development Director: Stephanie Christie

Board Chair: C. Reggie Thomas


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