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Columbus Museum of Art

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Who We Are: The mission of the Columbus Museum of Art (CMA) is to intentionally set the stage to experience art, ideas and relationships that spark creativity and nurture collective, courageous imagination. We envision a more beautiful, humane and equitable world where individuals can develop their innate capacity for creativity through wonder, curiosity, questioning, shifting perspectives and thinking critically.

What We Do: The 21st century depends on creative thinkers who develop ideas for the betterment of the world. We value the role that creative thinkers, in particular artists, play in society and we create exhibitions, events, and programs that nurture citizens to think like artists.In addition to CMA’s outstanding 19th-21st century collections and awe-inspiring special exhibitions, other initiatives include Open Studio, Art Book Club, Wonder School, Art for Wellbeing, and Wednesdays@2.

Why We're Important: The challenges of our time demand creative ways of thinking and doing in our schools, businesses, government, community, and world. CMA designs experiences to provoke dialogue, promote collaboration, and encourage risk-taking. We are committed to being an open, inclusive, accessible museum that engages different perspectives and voices through programs and initiatives like our Loud & Proud LBGTQ+ and Allied membership, the Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson Fellowship & Residency Program and our Free Sundays initiative. In an increasingly complex world, art embodies our shared humanity. Museums are vital, because they make space for individual reflection and human connection, while recording our collective histories, cultures, accomplishments and dreams.

How We Impact the Community: The Columbus Museum of Art is a living, breathing partner with local organizations and neighborhoods throughout the greater Columbus area. CMA strives to be a relevant and meaningful institution that has a measurable impact on the community it serves. The 2015 opening of the Walter Wing dramatically deepened our capacity to serve in ways that are meaningful in the 21st century. CMA’s exhibitions and programs support a connected and thriving Columbus where people feel a part of something bigger than themselves. Cultural entities like CMA and Pizzuti Collection of CMA help our city articulate its identity and vitality. CMA continually strives to recognize the needs of our community while celebrating the diversity of our people and our city.

How You Can Help: Columbus Museum of Art was built for the community by the community. Generations of families have invested in CMA through gifts of art, time, talent, and treasure. CMA is happy to discuss how to match our commitment to creativity and our 21st century vision with individual interests and organizational goals. Please contact CMA’s Executive Deputy Director of Advancement Lucy Ackley at 614.629.0351 or for a personalized prospectus on how you can help nurture creativity in our community.

Connect with Columbus Museum of Art

480 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215


Pizzuti Collection: Facebook | Instagram

Executive Director: Nannette V. Maciejunes (through January 6, 2023)

Executive Deputy Director of Advancement: Lucy Ackley

Board Chair: Pete Scantland


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