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Who We Are: Gigi’s is a first-of-its-kind nonprofit dedicated to healing and saving homeless dogs in rural, impoverished communities. Launched in 2018, we lead an innovative, state-wide effort to save shelter dogs in rural Ohio and get them adopted faster. Our 26,000-square-foot campus includes a fully equipped hospital, comprehensive behavioral wellness center, adoption center, stand-alone infectious disease treatment center, and housing for more than 85 homeless dogs at a time. With three veterinarians on staff, including a board-certified veterinary behaviorist, Gigi's has the expertise and ability to rescue, rehabilitate, and serve more than 6,300 rural, homeless dogs each year.

What We Do: Gigi’s provides homeless, rural dogs access to high-quality shelter, veterinary, behavior and adoption services to get them home faster. Many of our rural partner shelters can only find homes for one out of every five shelter dogs within their county. We partner with shelters to bring homeless dogs to our campus to receive comprehensive care, which can add up to thousands of dollars per dog, including:

  • free vaccines

  • full veterinary care

  • dental procedures

  • behavioral support

  • shelter transportation and housing

  • adoption services

Most dogs in our program are then adopted within two weeks, instead of spending months in a rural shelter waiting for a home.

Why We’re Important: In addition to directly connecting shelter dogs with permanent homes, we also provide vaccines and veterinary care to homeless dogs in our partner shelters’ care at no cost, even if they never set a “paw” on our campus. We provide low-cost routine and emergency veterinary care for local, under-resourced animal rescues, too. Shelters and rescues want to save every dog they can, but saving homeless dogs is expensive. By using our expertise and resources, we’re able to invest in and strengthen our entire sheltering system to save more dogs.

How We Impact the Community: Gigi's has the expertise and ability to rescue, rehabilitate, and serve thousands of homeless dogs every year. Each year, we:

  • Heal and save thousands of shelter dogs

  • Provide 5,500 free vaccines for homeless dogs in rural, impoverished communities

  • Perform 1,400+ free or low-cost surgeries for shelter dogs

  • Drive 35,000 miles each year to connect homeless dogs with adoptive families

  • Provide life-saving treatment to shelter dogs diagnosed with parvovirus in Gigi’s Parvovirus Treatment Center

How You Can Help: Made possible by the generous support of our founders, 100% of the donations we receive go directly to saving homeless dogs. Your generosity is critical to our ability to continue healing and saving shelter dogs. Join Team Gigi's by giving to save homeless dogs today at !

Connect with Gigi’s

6175 Wright Rd

Canal Winchester, OH 43110


Director: Justin McKinniss

Board Chair: Jim Phieffer


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