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Columbus Metropolitan Library Foundation

Who We Are: A library is democracy’s best-kept promise that knowledge and information will be accessible to all. Columbus Metropolitan Library (CML) creates spaces and provides programs that connect children, teens, adults and families throughout the region with the knowledge and resources they need to build successful lives. Tax-payer dollars enable the very existence of the library, but support philanthropic support, given through the CML Foundation, allows the library to take its programs and services even further. We are able to offer central Ohio resources, programs and books for readers of all ages–always free of charge.

What We Do: CML strives to create a thriving community where wisdom prevails by inspiring reading, sharing resources and connecting people. Its Strategic Plan supports this vision, as we focus on achieving our greatest objectives. They are:

  • Young Minds: Creating the foundation for a successful life by addressing critical education issues like kindergarten readiness and supporting Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee

  • Life Skills: Encouraging our community to reach its full potential by offering college and career readiness, adult learning and job search help

  • My Library: Creating the next generation library by expanding our digital collections and personalizing services to address individual need

Why We’re Important: The CML Foundation provides financial support for the library’s greatest needs and highest priorities through generous gifts. We help to ensure the library’s collection, programs and services will be available for generations of learners to come. Every day CML provides vital services to the central Ohio community, like homework help for students, early literacy skill training for children and resume services for jobseekers. The need for the library has never been greater and gifts to the foundation ensure that our programs and services will continue to be available for free to all who walk into each of our 23 locations.

How We Impact the Community: From thousands of students seeking help with school to hundreds of families learning how to help their preschools be ready for kindergarten, the library is helping children success. CML is supporting our workforce by making more than 5,400 connections to resources and services, in partnership with local and national organizations, to help our customers become part of our local workforce. And, the library welcomes millions of visitors in its 23 branches and online through its web resources offering computer sessions, eContent and lots and lots of books. Whether you’re an occasional visitor or a daily customer, the library is here, free of charge and open to all.

How You Can Help: We need your help to sustain and expand the library’s award-winning programs and services. Your gift to CML Foundation is a tax-deductible investment that will pay great dividends for you, your family, your friends, and thousands of others. No matter the size, every dollar donated helps make a positive impact in our community. Here are some ways in which community members and organizations can support CML:

  • Annual Fund Donations

  • Endowment and Legacy Gifts

  • Corporate Giving and Sponsorship

  • In-Kind Contributions

  • Volunteering

Connect with The Columbus Metropolitan Library Foundation

96 South Grant Avenue

Columbus, OH 43215


Executive Director: Patrick Losinski

Development Director: Rachel Heine

Board Chair: Barb Derrow


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