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Childhood League Center

Who We Are: Founded in 1945, The Childhood League Center (The Center) serves children from birth through age five who have developmental delays or are at-risk of falling behind in school and in life. Each year The Center serves more than 500 children through our Early Intervention and Preschool programs. Our wholistic approach supports both the child and their families. In addition to serving the unique needs of each child, caregivers receive support and are coached on how to become the best advocate for their child. Together we help transform our children’s challenging starts into the unstoppable futures they deserve!

What We Do:

  • EARLY INTERVENTION (Birth-3): In EI, our experts serve children with developmental delays, and their families. Through our virtual and home visits, caregivers learn techniques to help achieve the goals they set for their child.

  • PRESCHOOL (3-5): Children learn best from sharing life experiences. In our inclusive classrooms, children with special needs and/or from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, learn side-by-side with typically developing peers. In addition to preparing them academically, our model fosters empathy, kindness, and acceptance.

  • PLAY PROJECT: A unique, evidence-based autism intervention for young children. Based on relationships, families are coached to deliver the interventions themselves, maximizing impact and effectiveness.

Why We're Important: 90% of all brain development happens during the first five years of life. In Franklin County more than 3,000 children are referred for a suspected developmental delay each year, while close to 1 in 5 children under the age of five live in low-income families. Children who participate in high-quality early intervention and education programs like those at The Childhood League Center, are less likely to need special education, develop chronic diseases, engage in criminal activity, and require support from social welfare programs.

How We Impact the Community: Each year through The Center’s high quality early intervention and education programs 100% of our children progress towards kindergarten readiness. Our work also helps to address the growing employment needs of Franklin County’s companies. Families who utilize services like The Center’s participate in the labor force at greater rates. With increased stability and financial security, caregivers can further support their children’s development by providing the resources necessary to join the labor force as adults. Ultimately our community benefits from a larger, healthier, higher educated, and better equipped workforce–ready to support our thriving community, now and into the future.

How You Can Help:

  • Be an ambassador for the children we serve

  • Visit us for a tour and to learn more about our programs and services

  • Connect with us on social media

  • Attend one of our events

  • Volunteer

  • Donate or consider hosting a fundraiser

Connect with The Childhood League Center

74 Cleveland Ave.

Columbus, OH, 43215


Chief Executive Officer: Ginger Young

Chief Advancement Officer: Scott Solomon

Board Chair: Leonard Scott


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