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The Ultimate (Man) Cave Comes to Auction

CALIFORNIA | In a remote area of eastern Missouri, roughly 50 miles outside of the bustling urban center of Saint Louis, prairies meet the Ozark plateau, and a mystical plat of land richly packed with natural resources conceals a well-known subterranean masterpiece that has come to be known as Picture Cave. Housing what some scholars believe to be the greatest assemblage of indigenous American polychrome paintings ever discovered in the ancient cultural area known as Meso-America, the two-cave system was once an important ritual site for early Mississippian culture. Today it functions as a vital... continue reading

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Priceless Publications
A few weeks ago I visited The Barnes in Philadelphia for the first time, and it reminded me to give this book a second read. Written by my good friend and retired FBI agent, Bob Wittman, "Priceless" is a captivating collection of stories about his adventures in recovering some of the most important art and artifacts of our time.

Summer Theatre Scene

For that last taste of summer theatre, check out Actors' Theatre of Columbus and their performances focused on the theme "Changes". 

Click here for the 2021 season's upcoming productions.

What The Waffle

A social enterprise restaurant, employing females who have phased out of foster care, What the Waffle takes breakfast sandwiches to the next level. Find these tasty treats downtown in the King-Lincoln District.