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Who We Are: Founded in 1945 by a group of visionary women, The Childhood League Center’s original mission was to “help children in need”. Nearly 80 years later, we are still transforming challenging starts into unstoppable futures every day. The Center serves hundreds of children birth through five years old who have developmental delays or are at risk of falling behind in the classroom and in life. Through our unique partnership with families, caregivers also receive support and are prepared as their child’s best advocate. Together, this results in tremendous impact on our community and future workforce development.

What We Do:

  • EARLY INTERVENTION (birth-3): A team of highly-trained specialists support one provider working directly with a family in their home to confidently promote their child’s development. The aim is to meet the goals established by the family and to help them become lifelong advocates for their child.

  • PRESCHOOL (3-5): Children with and without special needs learn in a fully-inclusive environment that is play-based and focused on social-emotional growth and developmental milestones.

  • PLAY PROJECT: A parent-implemented autism intervention for young children that is intensive and evidence-based. It empowers families to build their own skills to support their child’s development.

Why We're Important: Nearly 90% of brain development happens in the first five years of life. That time is extremely critical for a child with a developmental delay. The earlier we intervene, the greater the impact on that child’s trajectory in life.

How We Impact the Community: 100% of our children show improvements, meaning they meet their milestones more quickly and enter the world more confidently. Our unique partnership with families helps caregivers be their child's best advocates. These efforts result in tremendous impact on our community and future workforce development. Research estimates the return on public investment in quality, comprehensive birth-to-five education is a whopping 13%.

This investment means that children are MORE likely to:

  • Be kindergarten ready

  • Graduate high school

  • Have higher earnings and better health

And LESS likely to:

  • Be held back a grade

  • Be reliant on public assistance

  • Engage in criminal behavior

How You Can Help: Get to know us. Come for a tour. Connect on social media. Attend an event. Volunteer. Be an ambassador for our work and the children we serve. Donate at

The Childhood League Center

674 Cleveland Ave., Columbus, OH, 43215


Chief Executive Officer: Ginger Young

Chief Advancement Officer: Scott Solomon

Board Chair: Katrina Thompson


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