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Who We Are: WOSU is a non-profit public service multimedia organization that distinguishes itself through a commitment to collaboration, community engagement and noncommercial, mission-driven programming. Licensed through OSU we are a PBS & NPR affiliate.

What We Do: WOSU curates programming from PBS and NPR, which reflect the complexity and diversity of our country and our world. It also produces such programming focused on central Ohio.

Why We’re Important: WOSU Public Media has been serving Central Ohio since 1922. Through on-air content, community events,online content and educational resources, WOSU Public Media is the premier public media station in Central Ohio.

How We Impact the Community: WOSU Classroom served 1,615 educators through online courses, in-person workshops, meetings, and events. 380,000 households on average access WOSU-TV content monthly.

How You Can Help: WOSU remains a trusted source for news, entertainment, education and engaging content and events that that inspire our diverse community.

WOSU Public Media

1800 N. Pearl St, Columbus, OH 43201



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