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Restoration Hardware Reopening

Influencers from throughout central Ohio gathered to celebrate the unveiling of Restoration Hardware Columbus, The Gallery at Easton Town Center on Wednesday, December 11, 2019. Th e event was attended by more than 1,000 guests, including central Ohio notables Janelle Coleman & Michael B. Coleman, Brenna & Brandon Dubinsky, Laura & AJ Hawk and Michael Redd, among others. Guests enjoyed gourmet bites by RH Rooftop Restaurant, fresh bellinis by Cipriani NYC, Mojito Bar on Modern, and curated wines by Ma(i)sonry Napa Valley and Blackbird Vineyards. The event benefitted The Columbus Museum of Art.


Left to Right; Top to Bottom

  1. Brett Hatcher, Sarah Hatcher, Caroline Moses, and Aaron Moses

  2. Beth Fisher, Melissa Kass, and Monika Arora

  3. Pat Steiner, Yaromir Steiner, Carol Mehas, and John Mehas

  4. Pam Borovetz, Bettye Jane Klinger, and Milly Penrod

  5. Vida Farwana, Tariq Farwana, Mojie Baharlou, and Abdy Baharlou

  6. Audrey Tuckerman, Heidi Anderson, Denise Glimcher, and Connie Tuckerman

  7. Khalil Najjar, Thomas McClure, Robbie Banks, Lubna Najjar, Nia Noelle, Gerardo Encinas, Miguel Estrada, Sandra Lopez, and Lamar Cromwell

  8. Jenny Weissling and Stephanie Infante

  9. Shannon Peterson and Lee Peterson

  10. Lamar Cromwell and Nia Noelle

  11. Jennifer Spalding and Sloan Spalding

  12. Vicki Bowen Hewes and Ken Hewes

  13. Janelle Coleman and Michael B. Colemen

  14. Brett Hatcher, Sarah Hatcher, Gary Friedman, Laura Hawk, AJ Hawk, Dara Pizzuti, Brandon Dubinsky, and Brenna Dubinsky

  15. Gary Friedman and Bella Hunter

  16. Katie Lloyd and Angela Pace

  17. Hannah Leonard and Lee Kirkpatrick

  18. Kersten Friedman, Andy Kaighn, Chris Kaighn, and Scott Friedman

  19. Jamie Dulick, Kristin Scott, Scott Razek, and Kara Razek

  20. Nicole Flesch, Shayla Hansel, Jenny Ruble, and Brianne Hamrick

  21. Austin Germain and Lauren Germain

  22. Bella Hunter, Gary Friedman, Ira Sharfin, Dr. Meghan Cook, Steven Rouman, and Rick Wolfe

  23. Bruce Soll and Joy Soll

  24. Michael Eicher, Inez Eicher, and Patti Steinour


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