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The New Albany Lecture Series, presented by The New Albany Community Foundation, kicked off its 11th season on October 3, 2023, with An Evening with Laura Linney. Linney, a well-known actress and cancer advocate, was interviewed by decorated Arts Desk reporter Neda Ulaby, a twenty-year veteran of NPR. For her many memorable roles in television, theater and film, Linney has won two Golden Globes and four Emmy Awards. To date, she has been nominated three times for the Academy Award, five times for the Tony Award, once for a BAFTA Award, and eight times for the Golden Globe. Linney just wrapped a Broadway play, which has earned her a nomination for a Drama League Distinguished Performance Award. In one of her most recent television roles, Linney portrays a cancer survivor. This work inspired her to become a passionate cancer advocate in real life. Having lost family to cancer, she understands the unique physical and emotional damage inflicted on victims and families – and she aims to help them find ways to cope, grow, and rebuild so that each one can truly win his or her own fight against cancer. Ms. Ulaby has worked as a producer and editor and won a Gracie award from the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation for hosting a podcast of NPR’s best arts stories. She also hosted the Emmy-award winning public television series Arab American Stories in 2012 and earned a 2019 Knight-Wallace Fellowship at the University of Michigan. Earlier in the day, Linney spoke to over 700 students and faculty from central Ohio high schools during the New Albany Student Lecture series.

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Photos courtesy of James DeCamp.

1) Courtney & Kevin Rogers 2) Courtney Rogers, Wendy Arlin, Stephanie Demers and Kerry Gastineau 3) Craig Mohre, Dan Snyder, Jenelle Snyder and Todd Bailey

4) David Demers, Jeff Gastineau and Craig Gardner 5) Kimberly & Marc Minor 6) Hal and Helga Houston

7) Lynn & Steve Smith 8) Lorraine & Andy Lutton 9) Emily Smith, Timothy Henson, Craig Mohre, Laura Teeney, Toby Starr

10) Standing - Barbara and Phil Derrow, Seated - Scott Smith and Chan Hemintranont 11) Matia Mathews and Clarence Mingo 12) Sarah Mohre & Lori Mohre

13) Wendy Arlin and Craig Gardner 14) Diane & TJ Obrokta and Laura Linney by James DeCamp 15) John & Shellie Kessler and TJ & Diane Obrokta

16) Jonathan & Marcy Schaffir, Karen & Dr. David Cohn 17) Michael Houser, Mallory Lewis, Mike Nagel and Matia Mathews


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