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Recreation Unlimited Foundation

Who We Are: Founded in 1958, Recreation Unlimited Farm and Fun (Recreation Unlimited) is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization serving individuals with physical and developmental disabilities and health concerns and supported through the development efforts of the RecreationUnlimited Foundation. The mission of Recreation Unlimited is to provide year-round programs in sports, recreation and education while building self-confidence, self-esteem and promoting positive human relations, attitudes, and behaviors.The Recreation Unlimited campus is housed on 195-acres, 35 minutes northeast of Columbus. We have worked very hard to make Recreation Unlimited a dream come true for individuals with disabilities and health concerns!

What We Do: 2020 has been an especially difficult year due to COVID-19. However, we worked very hard to raise funds through gifts and grants to have enough finances to open 5 weeks of a Summer Day Camp program that began July 6th under the COVID-19 guidelines and regulations and we will continue with our fall Respite Weekend camps and Winter Residential Camp schedule. In 2021, Recreation Unlimited will offer Summer Residential, Winter Residential, Summer Day, Year-Round Respite Weekend, Specialty Weeklong and Weekend Camps andPrograms and Family Day Camps and Resource Fairs.

Why We’re Important: We have always strived for our organization to be the "best of the best"... that is why we are in the position to have camps during COVID-19. Recreation Unlimited is still one of the largest providers in the state of Ohio serving individuals with disabilities and health concerns through sports, recreation and education with the most comprehensive program offerings. This is fulfilled on a 195-acre accessible campus through a safe, fun and challenging manner.

How We Impact the Community: To fulfill the following outcomes for the individuals and families that we serve.

  • To fully develop their knowledge and physical abilities in selected sports and recreational activities adapted to their individual needs.

  • To educate campers about the natural environment.

  • To utilize social settings to promote positive human relations, attitudes, and behavior among campers and their typical siblings.

  • To challenge the individual in a fun, safe environment with COVID-19 protocols in place.

  • To position campers to achieve success in the least restrictive environment.

  • To offer respite services for families with 24/7 care of an individual with a disability or health concern.

How You Can Help: 2020 has been an especially difficult year due to COVID-19. Any donation to our camps, medical supplies (PPE) and camper scholarship fund, would help so that we are in a great position to continue our mission of sports, recreation and education for individuals with disabilities and health concerns. Recreation Unlimited relies significantly on the generosity of many dedicated benefactors through fundraising activities that include corporate sponsorships, special events, direct mail, grants, endowed scholarships, construction support, planned gifts/bequests. For more information, please review our web site at or

Connect with Recreation Unlimited Foundation

7700 Piper Road

Ashley, OH 43003

(740) 548-7006

Executive Director: Paul L. Huttlin

Development Director: Paul L. Huttlin

Board Chair: Charles Ruma


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