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Who We Are: Founded in 1981, Opera Columbus (OC) brings the thrill and grandeur of opera to Columbus stages. We are redefining expectations and expanding the possibilities of opera with productions and programs that celebrate emerging talent, inclusivity, fresh perspectives, and modern technology, engaging new, diverse audiences for this most magnificent of art forms. OC is opera in Columbus – we are central Ohio’s premier professional opera company, and one of the community’s flagship performing arts organizations.

What We Do: Opera Columbus provides a transformative cultural experience through the art form of opera, reaching the hearts, souls, and minds of our community through programming intentionally inclusive performances that are educational, community-driven, and accessible to all. We contribute to Columbus’ diverse and vibrant arts scene through original productions of works from across the operatic repertoire, and education and community programs that meet opera at schools, community centers, libraries, and throughout our community.

Why We’re Important: Opera Columbus’ reputation for excellence and its boundary-shattering approach to opera, places Columbus on the map as a destination for great art, contributing to our city’s vibrancy and reputation and drawing attention from North America, and internationally. As central Ohio’s premier professional opera company, our impact is a catalyst for the arts in our community with programming that takes place throughout the year. Opera Columbus serves over a million people through online media and in-person performances, taking pride in transforming spaces around Columbus, ensuring that the community serves as the organization’s stage.

How We Impact the Community: Opera Columbus is one of our community’s most innovative and entertaining arts organizations, creating impressive performances for audiences of all ages. It is critical to OC’s mission and our artistic vision to expand cultural equity, diversity, accessibility, and inclusion in all that we do. We are intentionally inclusive in the artists and creative team members chosen for our productions, prioritizing exceptional artists who are women, transgender, and/or members of groups traditionally underrepresented in opera and the performing arts, including Black, AAPI, Latinx, and people with disabilities. Opera Columbus is dedicated to enriching lives, serving our community, and impacting the next generation through storytelling that is reflective of our community, reaching both new and traditional audiences. Opera is one of the original storytelling art forms and can create essential dialogue about how our community can be stronger together.

Opera Columbus reaches nearly 59,000 Central Ohio individuals in a traditional year through our mainstage productions and community educational programs. As our impact enlarges its territory, OC additionally reaches 1.2 million through online media and community festivals.

How You Can Help: Join our community! Last season, we witnessed 29% audience growth, contributing to the storytelling of our community and the engagement of a shared experience from people like you. OC’s vision is for opera to touch many lives, so connect with us at the Ohio Theatre, Southern Theatre, Columbus Metropolitan Libraries, Gravity, BrewDog, Loose Rail, McCoy Center for the Arts, and in other communities across Central Ohio as we bring the art of opera to you.

Donations like yours make up 80% of Opera Columbus’ annual revenue. We welcome gifts of all levels from individuals, corporations, and foundations. Opera Columbus continues to expand our community through partnerships and collaborations to better impact our community.

Opera Columbus

55 E State Street, Columbus, OH 43215


General Director + CEO: Julia Noulin-Mérat

Board President: Femi Adeyanju

Development Co-Chair: Bob Philips Development

Co-Chair + Secretary: Gerard Basalla

Director of Development: Jessica Morris

Director of Advancement: Rachel Will


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