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The annual Opera Columbus Gala was held on Thursday, May 4, 2023, at the Athletic Club of Columbus to celebrate OC’s Immediate Past President, Bill Miller, and his tenure and achievements. During the evening, more than 150 guests enjoyed the art of opera and a celebration of Bill’s work on behalf of Opera Columbus and the wider Columbus community. In addition to the wonderful performances by People’s Circus and Hilary Ginther & Robert Kerr, accompanied by Edward Bak, the live auction conducted by Amelia Jeffers was full of excitement and competition. The auction helped raise necessary funds for general operating support for Opera Columbus to continue its mission of advancing the experience and the art of opera. To learn more about Opera Columbus, visit

1) Bill Miller and Tommy Dole 2) Julia Noulin-Merat, Sandra Lopez, and Chad Whittington 3) Jenna and Shawn Homan


7) Femi Adeyanju, Julia Noulin-Merat and Bill Miller 8) Honoree Bill Miller 9) Matt Hall, Christina Brown, Michael Smith and Jaclyn Evans

10) Gerard Basalla, Bill and Coreen Jenkins, Doug and Cookie McIntyre, Ryan and Megan Eberhart, Kara Trott, Bob Philips, Karen Hough and Todd Majidzadeh

11) Sharon Wei and Dr. Arthur Bing 12) Femi Adeyanju, Julia Noulin-Merat, Bill Miller 13) Honoree Bill Miller


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