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Hope Springs Institute

Who We Are: We are a not-for-profit retreat and learning center in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in south central Ohio. We believe that bringing peace to ourselves through emotional, physical, and spiritual health, learning to build peaceful relationships with each other and the land and experiencing building peaceful communities will contribute to peace on this planet. As such, we offer profoundly transformational workshops on topics which include women's issues, social justice, empowered leadership, and personal growth.

What We Do: We provide sacred space for experiential retreats that support our mission. We welcome outside groups and design our own experiential learning programming such as our three year Peace and Social Justice certificate program, Change Agent Leadership Laboratory (CALL). We work with leaders to create the environment needed for their work and offer homemade meals that accommodate dietary needs, hiking trails, a walking labyrinth, our Spirit House meditation space with an indoor fire pit, and octagonal 1400 sq ft studio space.

Why We're Important: We offer a unique setting for individuals and groups wanting a nurturing, private environment to invest in their continuing development to live the most meaningful lives possible. We contribute to the development of leaders, healers, teachers and social activists. Hope Springs is a place where all can come to heal and grow. We foster this environment through our core beliefs in the inherent worth of every individual, in respect for ourselves, each other and the land, and in using a feminist lens to shine light on our world.

How We Impact The Community: Hope Springs Institute is located in Adams County, Ohio, one of Ohio’s Appalachian counties. Everyone we employ is from the region, and nearly all are Adams Co. residents. Our gift shop displays jewelry, pottery, felting, quilting, and soap making from local artists and creators in the area. We also maintain a scholarship fund that supports participation in our programming for local residents and those who cannot afford attending at standard prices.

How You Can Help: Because we are a non-profit organization and because we are committed to offering scholarships for our programs, we depend on the generous donations of people who care about what we do. You can support us by donating money or stock directly, by attending our fundraisers, by taking part in our volunteer days, by bringing groups to Hope Springs, and by attending our workshops. To donate directly, please go the Donate section on our website.

Connect with Hope Springs Institute

4988 Mineral Springs Road

Peebles, OH 45660


Executive Director: Victoria Brown

Board Chair: Cindy Bass, Board President


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