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Harmony Project

Who We Are: Harmony's mission is to build a more inclusive community by breaking down social barriers, bridging community divides, and empowering the voices of the people through arts, education, and volunteerism. We are building a united community, connecting through the shared vision of a world where indifference is replaced with empathy, intolerance is replaced with kindness, and discord is replaced with harmony.

Our programs serve Central Ohio’s most vulnerable neighbors including: differently-abled adults; people who have experienced homelessness; students spanning the economic spectrum; incarcerated men and women; veterans; and restored citizens. All participants commit to serving the community through volunteer service.

What We Do: Harmony engages students in arts education programs that foster social and emotional learning, creativity, responsibility and self-confidence. In addition, our Friends in Harmony program offers arts and recreation classes for differently-abled adults and people who have experienced homelessness. Our Prison Arts program affords participants the opportunity to express themselves creatively through their talents and voices, and heal from the trauma of physical and emotional abuse. Creative writing workshops are offered for anyone who wants to find their voice. Our 500-voice chorus has two signature performance each year.

Why We're Important: School administrators say that Harmony creates a safe and nurturing environment for their students that promotes self-expression and creativity. Case workers for differently-abled adults express that their clients are happier and more engaged because of Harmony’s arts programs that connect some of our most isolated neighbors to the community in which they live. Prison administrators say that Harmony’s programs teach the men and women that they are not defined by their current incarceration, and that there is hope for reconciling with community on the outside. Harmony is building an inclusive Columbus.

How We Impact The Community: Harmony positively impacts the community by representing every dimension of diversity. We help develop peer-to-peer relationships across social, cultural and geographic barriers and we foster a sense of community and teamwork while promoting empathy and openness. Through our programs and community service, relationships are formed between individuals who would have little opportunity or motivation to know one another. Our volunteers provide more than 60,000 hours of community service each year averaging $1.5 million back to the community. Harmony also provides significant financial compensation to local artists.

How You Can Help:

  • Support our mission by donating to our programs and efforts

  • Add your voice to the chorus and use your voice to inspire others

  • Join your family and friends and attend our signature events

  • Volunteer with us and be a part of the positive impact in our community

Connect with Harmony Project

779 E. Long St.

Columbus, OH 43203


Executive Director: David Brown

Chief Operating Officer: Shelly Lewis

Board Chair: Bethany Klynn


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