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Gracehaven’s Over the Edge 2021

Writer: Jessica Metcalf

Photography courtesy Over The Edge.

On June 18, 2021, over one hundred brave souls rappelled down the Chase Tower in the heart of Columbus, having earned their opportunity to scale the building by fundraising at least $1250 to secure a spot. A natural fit as presenting sponsors, Skyclimber of Delaware, Ohio ensured the rappellers would make their descent safely with the proper gear and training.

Over the Edge, an adventure experience company with a passion for positive impact, hosted the annual event in Columbus to benefit Gracehaven, a non-profit working to eradicate child sex trafficking in central Ohio. Among the 109 rappellers this year was Deputy Police Chief Jennifer Knight who stepped over the edge to help make the issue known. In addition to individuals and alumni fundraising, 16 corporate sponsors sent many rappellers over the edge and continued to bring awareness through their business and partnership with Gracehaven. In 2021, Over the Edge raised $270,000, bringing the total from the past six years of this event to $1.4 million. For more information about Gracehaven, visit


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