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Furniture Bank of Central Ohio

Who We Are: We are a unique and collaborative organization with a mission to reduce the impact of poverty by providing furniture to central Ohio families and individuals struggling with severe life challenges. Our efforts, along with those of our more than 75 social service agency and faith-based partners, over 2,000 volunteers and nearly 8,000 furniture and financial donors, help turn empty houses into homes for 3,200-3,400 families each year.

What We Do: With COVID-19 creating additional stress for all families, it is yet another major challenge for families already dealing with crises like homelessness or domestic violence. Their houses are without warm beds, cozy couches, and kitchen tables for meals. Thanks to generous central Ohio residents and organizations who donate about 65,000 furniture items and household goods each year, we are able to provide these items to families in need to help transform their empty houses into homes of hope. It’s a win-win situation for the entire community – families helping families. Volunteers also build dressers and other items in our wood shop.

Why We're Important: Furniture Bank helps stabilize the living situations of families impacted by poverty so they can address the underlying issues related to their life circumstances. Furniture contributes to greater residential stability by giving families basic comforts and tools essential to everyday life, which increase positive outcomes for mental health, childhood development, school achievement and chronic health issues.

How We Impact The Community: We help 3,200-3,400 families each year, including approximately 4,500 children, who are impacted by poverty and struggling with severe life challenges such as homelessness, unemployment and domestic violence. We provide volunteer opportunities for more than 2,000 individuals each year who help us serve families or construct, assemble and paint thousands of pieces of furniture each year. We give gently-used furniture and household items new life, saving more than 300 tractor trailers full of used furniture and housewares from landfills each year.

How You Can Help: Thousands of families in central Ohio are without the basic comforts of home. Please consider a generous donation to help furnish a family’s home with furniture essential to daily life. Donate online at, give through your workplace giving campaign or send a donation in the mail. Donate your gently used furniture, household goods and other items. Volunteer your time and talents. Visit our website at or call 614-272-9544 to learn more.

Connect with Furniture Bank of Central Ohio

118 S. Yale Avenue Columbus, OH 43222 614-272-9544

Executive Director: Steve Votaw

Development Director: Mary Kay Snyder Email: Board Chair: Patrick A. Bennett, Ed.D.,

Franklin University


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