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Last month, from March 18-22, the Recreation Unlimited Foundation hosted its Flavors of the Vine Virtual Auction. The four-day fundraiser featured an exquisite catalogue of high-end wines, all of which were carefully curated for a righteous cause. For over 50 years, Recreation Unlimited has provided recreation, sport, and education opportunities to individuals with disabilities and health concerns. All proceeds from the auction were used to fund Recreation Unlimited’s 2021 camp operations, medical supplies and camper scholarships. The virtual event was presented by the Ginni Ragan, Walt Dennis, Judith Hook, Evelyn M. Liebert, Jack W. Liebert, and Deborah Liebert Karl families.

In addition to its wine selections, the auction featured gifts and packages that would appeal to any philanthropic Ohioan. Those included sports collectables, fine dining experiences, concert tickets, and more! This year’s auction may be finished, but Recreation Unlimited has already announced its 2022 Flavors of the Vine Wine Tasting and Auction for February 11, 2022. Tickets for the annual Star Light, Star Night exclusive event scheduled for June 9, 2021 at Scioto Country Club and featuring a wine celebrity are on sale now. For more information on Recreation Unlimited, visit

These photos are from the 2017 Flavors of the Vine event.

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