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Columbus Urban League

Who We Are: The Columbus Urban League (CUL) empowers African Americans and disenfranchised groups through economic, educational and social progress. Founded in 1918, CUL is one of the largest and most prestigious community based organizations in Central Ohio. Fighting for equity and justice for more than a century, CUL has emerged as a respected, relevant and effective force in overcoming poverty and achieving economic mobility for all.

What We Do: CUL creates family stabilization and economic transformation opportunities for under-resourced African American and urban families by offering relevant programs and initiatives designed to remove barriers to economic success and increase economic pathways. CUL initiatives enable childhood learning, support youth leadership, connect unemployed people to livable wage jobs, cultivate homegrown business talent, pilot job-generating social entrepreneurial ventures, and promote strong family structure.

Why We're Important: Your Columbus Urban League has led Central Ohio’s racial and economic equity movement for more than a century. Our culturally authentic, integrated services achieve family stability and economic mobility, touching nearly 40,000 people annually. Thousands more now seek our help to survive health, economic and racist devastation.

We relentlessly work for:

  • Recovery – emergency relief that keeps families in housing and businesses flourishing

  • Reform – policies that eliminate systemic racism

  • Resiliency – coaching that boosts individual earning power while leveling the economic playing field for black communities.

How We Impact The Community:

  1. Boosting Income: It starts with financial literacy, a foundational experience we offer to every family we serve.

  2. Social Engagement: 40,000 people contacted us last year. Every client is connected to a holistic array of initiatives that overcome ALL of the crises that mark life in poverty.

  3. Family Structure: From pre-school, after-school to internship, and from job training to credit management, our organization uniquely understands and responds to the reality that individual and family success are interdependent.

  4. Integrated Communities: We erase the redlines that walled off races and under-resourced families with initiatives that significantly improve credit scores, home ownership and inclusive rental housing.

How You Can Help: You can help by donating to our cause, donations can be allocated to specific programs, or donated to CUL’s greatest needs.

Connect with Columbus Urban League

788 Mount Vernon Ave. Columbus, OH 43203 614-257-6300

Executive Director: Stephanie Hightower

Development Director: Christa Boulding

Email: Board Chair: Todd Williams


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