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The Columbus Museum of Art hosted its 7th annual Wonderball on January 30th, 2021. For the first time in its history, the event was held virtually with no cost of admission in celebration of Columbus’ creative spirit. Since its 2015 beginning, the fundraiser has welcomed more than 8,000 guests and generated nearly $1,000,000 in support of the museum. Attendees were treated to an awe-inspiring evening of black & white fashion, performances, music, art, interactive experiences, and much more.

Performances included pole ballet by Amelia Gandara and Micaela Gonzalez, fashion by Keäma Official, movement and music collaborative work by Shades of Color, community-built poem performed by Cynthia Amoah, talk show with Hakim Callwood, and secrets of synth with DJ Moxy Martinez. Premiered this year was the museum’s Wonder Experience, a chance to be inspired, challenged, and surprised each month until the in-person 2022 Wonderball. 2021 Event Chairs included Lee Lochtefeld, Christina Basham, Raymond Weaver, and Ann Mulvany who led a 50-member volunteer planning committee to organize this year’s Wonderball experience. For more information on the Columbus Museum of Art, visit Columbus Museum of Art.

These photos are a flashback to Wonderball 2016. Photos by Nathan Ward.

All Photographs by Nathan Ward unless otherwise indicated.

Left to Right:

1–The Amazing Giants

2--DJs Charles Erickson and Donnie Mossman

3–Shelagh Conley

4–Lamar Craig

5–Brooke Brooks, Chris Brooks, Renee Rankin, Shaun Laubis

6–Natalina Fickell

7–Michalea Delaveris

8–Jennifer Barnett and Kayla Scites

9–Richard McKee, Beth Crane, Gale King and Nannette Maciejunes

10–Max Moore and Betsy Meacham

11–August Preston, Angela Preston, Ken Hewes, Vicki Hewes

12–Anna Dunn and Cassie Lucks

13–Catherine Lang-Cline, Peter Cline, Emily Toney

14–Sami Nummi and Jordan Edwards

15–Hannah Mason-Macklin and Scott Ciprian

16–Tyler McDonald and Lindsey Martin

17–Ed Maceyko, Mary Beth Maceyko, Corey Favor, Shayla Favor, Andrea Freeman, Jae Denson

18–Quintin Graves, Michael Mack, Beth Gessler, Lee Kirkpatrick, Bethany Whoric, Brandon Ortez, and Candace Fucile

19–Jason Moore and Jamison Pack

20–Misha Barnes, Katy Shanahan, Franny Lazarus–Photo by Nikole Prete


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