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Letter to Our Readers From Columbus Foundation, Sophisticated Giving 2021

Years ago, the year 2020 was looked forward to and planned for as an aspirational year, a year to build towards. And it made sense. “2020” just plain sounds opportunistic. After all, it is the proxy for the best of eyesight and vision. Lo and behold, 2020 has lived up to its potential. We CAN see more clearly now.

The problem is, what we see is a pandemic that has laid bare once again the social determinants of health, and that the poor and people of color are once again suffering from the effects of multi-generational poverty. What we see, are the ways in which structural racism causes the suffering of those who are our brothers and sisters in the human race. What we see is that online learning isn’t possible if you can’t get online—thereby setting a generation of kids—our kids—behind, maybe forever.

Our challenges are daunting—there’s no denying that—but our community gives us hope. We see the will to address our problems being forged across races, places, and incomes. That shared sense of determination is both buoying and much-needed. It’s going to take keeping stitched together as one community to take on these challenges that are neither simple nor easily solved.

We can do this, Columbus. We know The Columbus Foundation has an important role to play, and manifold contributions to make. That’s why we are stepping up higher than ever before in our history in myriad ways, given the times we are in. The enormous heart and resourcefulness of our nonprofit partners, many of whom are featured on these pages, our public sector leaders and business leaders, and community voices of conscience also all have huge roles to play, and we honor, embrace, and thank them for their partnership and their commitment, too, to a better day. And, above all, we couldn’t do our part without our donor family, and the leading advisors in the legal and financial worlds, so we thank them for their contributions to putting into place and supporting this place of resource and opportunity, for all.

We are proud to stand alongside the great folks who put together this edition of Sophisticated Giving in wishing you a healthy holiday season, and a more harmonious and less perilous year ahead!

Yours in community,

Doug Kridler

President and CEO

The Columbus Foundation


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