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Who We Are: Home to more than 10,000 animals representing over 600 species worldwide, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium makes a positive impact on people, wildlife and wild places. The Zoo complex is a recreational/ education destination that includes the 22-acre Zoombezi Bay water park and 18-hole Safari Golf Club. The Columbus Zoo manages The Wilds, a nearly 10,000-acre conservation center and safari park located in southeastern Ohio along the Appalachian Byway. The Wilds is among one of the largest, cutting-edge conservation centers in North America and is home to more than 500 animals representing 28 rare and endangered species from around the world.

What We Do: The Columbus Zoo and The Wilds contribute to wildlife conservation locally and globally. Collaborating with Federal and State agencies, zoos, and international partners, we tirelessly work to recover endangered species, restore habitats, and foster coexistence with wildlife. Our impactful programs, such as Partners In Conservation and manatee rescue, showcase 32 years of commitment. From reclaiming surface-mined land to monitoring migratory birds, our initiatives encompass diverse ecosystems. We provide emergency conservation support, and our education initiatives translate into tangible conservation actions. Committed to sustainability, we proudly present the biannual Commitment to Conservation award, embodying our mission of Empowering People. Saving Wildlife.

Why We’re Important: Both the Columbus Zoo and The Wilds play a crucial role in saving endangered species. We provide a chance for people from all walks of life to connect and learn about the animal world. The animals in our care are ambassadors to their cousins in the wild. Guests leave with a personal experience —listening, seeing, and smelling – that translates to a newfound understanding and compassion for wildlife. Animals have the power to touch our hearts, and when this happens, it opens the door to education that can inspire people to participate in protecting animals and conserving their environments.

How We Impact the Community: We are dedicated to being responsible and accessible community partners. Through outreach and engagement, we invite diverse and underserved groups to enrich their relationships with nature. We educate and empower people so they may be compelled to love and protect the future of wildlife and wildlife places. In 2022:

  • The Wilds offered 44 and the Columbus Zoo offered 1,686 education programs

  • 26 schools participated in the Teen Eco Summit

  • 8,400 admission tickets were distributed through Columbus Metropolitan Library’s Culture Pass program

  • 9,324 families purchased Zoo Memberships, 310 families purchased Wilds Memberships through a program to help those receiving government assistance

How You Can Help: The Columbus Zoo and The Wilds are committed to educating our communities about animals while supporting wildlife conservation worldwide. Please visit one of our parks for a great animal adventure, join our volunteer programs, or donate to support our pillars of education and access, wildlife conservation, and habitat transformation. Thank you for your consideration.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium & The Wilds

4850 W. Powell Road, PO Box 400, Powell, OH 43065


Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

The Wilds Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

President and CEO: Tom Schmid

VP of Philanthropy: Mayme Norman

Board Chair: Katie Wolfe Lloyd 2023/2024


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