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Who We Are: The mission of the Columbus Museum of Art (CMA) is to provide great experiences with great art for everyone. We celebrate the creative process and set the stage for people to experience art, ideas and relationships that spark creativity and nurture collective, courageous imagination.

What We Do: With a collection of artworks ranging from Old Masters to emerging contemporary artists, CMA offers visitors access to centuries of art history. Through exhibitions, events, and learning initiatives, we strive to be a generative, accessible resource for all audiences. CMA is proud to be home to some of the largest holdings of work by several renowned artists with connections to Columbus, including Aminah Robinson, Elijah Pierce and George Bellows.

Why We're Important: The 21st century depends on creative thinkers who develop ideas for the betterment of our world. The challenges of our time demand creative ways of thinking and doing in our schools, businesses, government, community, and world. CMA designs experiences to foster ways of thinking that are most relevant for the present and future.

How We Impact the Community: CMA is a vital resource for both our local community and the nation. In addition to providing access to world-class exhibitions, CMA remains a national leader in museum education by pioneering innovative family programs, fostering partnerships with teachers and schools, and engaging visitors at every stage of their lives. Last year, we welcomed more than 230,000 visitors including 46,000 children and youth. We promoted critical creative, and civically minded thinking skills for 8,000 children and youth through inquiry-based tours and provided in-depth creativity training to 90 school system leaders, more than 150 public school teachers, and 150 business and non-profit leaders.

How You Can Help: Columbus Museum of Art was built for the community by the community. Generations of families have invested in CMA through gifts of art, time, talent, and treasure. CMA is happy to discuss how to match our commitment to creativity and our 21st century vision with individual interests and organizational goals. Please contact CMA’s Executive Deputy Director of Advancement Lucy Ackley at 614.629.0351 or for a personalized prospectus on how you can help nurture creativity in our community.

Columbus Museum of Art

480 East Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43215


Columbus Museum of Art on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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Executive Director & CEO: Brooke Minto

Executive Deputy Director of Advancement: Lucy Ackley

Board Chair: Pete Scantland


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