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Written by Andre James


It happened this past September in Modena, the heart of Italy's Motor Valley and the Trident brand's home for eight decades. Parked drive-in theatre-style before a monumental stage surmounted by an equally large LED screen were 44 Maserati cars from all eras. Behind them, bleacher seating held socially distanced VIPs and media from all around the world. All had gathered for a world premiere, live-streamed, with simultaneous mirror events in New York and Tokyo. Live drummers ushered in a spectacular fast- paced multimedia show that shared Maserati's contemporary vision before unveiling its MC20 supercar.

The MC20 appeared on stage first as a hologram. When the real thing arrived, its butterfly doors opened, and Maserati Reference Driver Andrea Bertolini emerged, an apropos pilot for a supercar stunner entirely made in Italy, including the engine.

A real head-turner, the MC20's body envelops a sporty soul with a Formula 1-derived 630-horsepower V6 Nettuna engine with the new patented Maserati Twin Combustion technology. It delivers 0-60mph acceleration in under 2.9-seconds and boasts a top speed above 200mph. Maserati had not built its own engines since 1998.

Employing a system known as Virtual Vehicle Dynamics Development allowed ninety-seven percent of the car's development to be virtual, reducing delivery times and lowering costs. The MC20 spent more than two-thousand working hours in the Dallara Wind Tunnel to refine its aerodynamics. Except for a discreet rear spoiler, there are no conspicuous aerodynamic appendages. Air vents on the bonnets and the side are virtually invisible when viewed from some angles. Also highlighting the aerodynamics are the butterfly doors. Opened via push-button from the inside, they enable easier access to and from the cabin while showing off the carbon fiber cockpit.

Inside the driver-focused cabin, functionality and visibility are paramount. Laid out like the cockpit of a racing car, black materials and dark upholstery prevent windscreen reflections. Inspired by a luxury timepiece, the driving mode selector is mechanical and precise. The MC20's thick steering wheel is the only first new-generation Maserati to have an ignition button.

A simple turn of the selector activates one of the MC20's five driving modes. CORSA mode offers the most extreme experience, with less-active traction control, and stability control with high thresholds for the most challenging handling.

The new generation two-screen Maserati Intelligent Assistant (MIA) multimedia system allows for full personalization to the driver's user preferences and offers extreme connectivity to the car via Maserati Connect.

Racing has always been in Maserati's blood, and the MC20 is the brand's siren song for those who pine to drive an Italian supercar with thrilling performances and elegant lines on the road. At the Modena launch, Davide Grasso, Maserati CEO commented, "For our Brand, this is a time to build: the time to be forward-looking and construct our future. We are laying the foundation stone of our tomorrow, and we are doing it together, guided by our passion, unique in our design, and innovative by nature."


The MC20 will be available in the fall of 2021, with pricing starting at $210,000.

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