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Tsavorite Favorites

Clockwise from top left: Orchid pendant necklace from Ritique ($2,260; Sig Ward Jewelry opal, Tsavorite and diamond ring ($5,092; Picchiotti Rose Tsavorites necklace. Available through Moyer Fine Jewelers in Indianapolis and at Assael Tahitian pearl, jade and Tsavorite earrings ( Lola triple ring from Melissa Kaye ($11,050; Vendome Lace earrings from Nouvel Heritage ($4,300; Kwiat slim bangle ($3,750). Available through The Diamond Cellar in Columbus, Reis-Nichols in Indianapolis, King Jewelers in Nashville, and

Clockwise from top left: Geo Art earrings from Kavant & Sharart ( Lunatic ring from Samantha Tea ($1,950; Carved abalone & tsavorite earrings from Goshwara ($7,000; Diaboli Kill Iris Goddness Tahitian black pearl ring with pavé Tsavorite ($7,000; Anita Ko Safety Pin earring ($950; Multi-strand emerald necklace with Tsavorite cube pendant from Rush Jewelry Design ($15,000;


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