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10 Things I Can't Live Without


Sue Zazon wears a lot of hats. The Central Ohio Regional President of one of the community’s oldest and largest banks, Zazon is an accomplished leader in the community, serving and supporting a variety of organizations including United Way, YMCA, The Columbus Chamber, and One Columbus. Known as much for her warmth, compassion, and desire to help others as her sharp business acumen, Zazon was inducted into the YWCA Women of Achievement Academy earlier this year. The busy mother of 6, grandmother of 4, and breast cancer survivor just finished her fourth Pelotonia ride, alongside nearly 7500 other riders.

1. Faith and Prayer The deep roots of faith are essential to me as my family and friends navigate through life.

2. Change of Seasons I love the first snowfall, when the leaves change, and when I see the first flowers of spring.

3. Belly Laughs There is nothing like laughing so hard it feels like you just did 100 sit ups. I usually have one of these a week.

4. Music My mom was a music teacher and I grew up standing around a piano singing. She earned extra money playing the organ at a roller rink and played for the church choir. She taught me how to play the ukulele and autoharp and I would sit and sing songs for hours.

5. Northern Michigan Every year our family goes to northern Michigan and we stay on a lake. Inland lakes are so peaceful and I love sharing that week with our children and grandchildren.

6. Reading books I can read anything and enjoy it. I love historical fiction, biographies, and novels that can take me to another place and time. The only problem is I cannot put it down once I start and can stay up until 3am if the story is really good.

7. Competitive games Right now I play doubles tennis and love to smash an overhead for the winner. I have just started to play pickle ball with my husband and we are both so competitive with each other and with all our kids. It is so much fun to have a family tournament.

8. Hair products I grew up with curly red hair before there was any hair product to calm it down. Frizz and curls were everywhere. I can remember the first time I was able brush my hair without tangles. It was magic.

9. Family Mike and I have 6 children and we only have one still at home. We have 4 grandchildren and their giggles brighten our day. All of kids live in Columbus even after trying Phoenix, Chicago and New York. Columbus calls them home! We also have billeted hockey players the last 5 years and they live with us for 9 months of the year to play AAA Columbus BlueJacket hockey. It is always an interesting couple weeks when they first come to live with us and we all are trying to get used to a new normal.

10. Tennis shoes and a glass of wine Given a choice everyday, I would start my day wearing tennis shoes because I love comfort. I would end my day with a wonderful glass of Pinot Noir because it gives me time for gratitude for my day.



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