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Written by Andre James

Photography courtesy of Russo and Steele


Drew Alcazar and wife Josephine co-founded Russo and Steele Auctions twenty years ago. The company has gone on to garner worldwide acclaim and sold thousands of collector cars to an engaged and entertained audience in their famous “in the round” format. Drew recently announced the launch of an exclusive new extension of his passion for the hobby that offers “a full spectrum of resources” under the division moniker RS Collector Automobile Services.

Operating out of a 40,000-square-foot facility in Scottsdale, Arizona, RS Collector Automobile Services will provide dedicated resources for private sales, restoration, detailing, storage, consulting, and collection management services. Each distinct department incorporates Alcazar’s “busted knuckles and dirt under the fingernails” experience of nearly 40 years in the hobby, beginning with his first full “body-off” restoration at the age of 15.

“RS Collector Automobile Services is the natural evolution of what I always wanted: to offer a complete docket of services and resources for select collector car enthusiasts,” explained Alcazar. “Auctions are just one facet that can represent the end of a journey or the beginning of a new adventure for an enthusiast.”

All consignments on offer through the RS Collector Automobile Services Private Sales Department must be onsite for inspection inside the 8,000 square foot private showroom. This mandate ensures personal representation by Alcazar himself. It will also avail the related resources onsite for every element of the transaction, from marketing presentation for sellers to pre-purchase Inspections for buyers by qualified experts.

“Knowledge is power,” explains Alcazar. “The more things that people know, the better equipped they will be to make good decisions and thoroughly enjoy the hobby. It’s the decisions made in haste that are the times the fun gets taken out of this.” After more than three successful decades as a respected professional in the collector car space, Alcazar said he looks forward to providing fellow enthusiasts with the ultimate environment to maximize enjoyment of their hobby.


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