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Mozzafiato introduces iconic Italian beauty brands to North American consumers.

Written by Bridget Williams

Italian beauty seems to defy an expiration date, as Sophia Loren, Carla Bruni, Isabella Rossellini, Bianca Balti, and Monica Bellucci attest. While good genes certainly help, living la dolce vita is an all-encompassing ethos. Capitalizing on the Italian tradition of family heritage and craftsmanship related to beauty, Mozzafiato, an e-commerce platform that launched in November, is looking to reinvent American beauty for both men and women with made-in-Italy products ranging from ancient fragrances to leading-edge skincare innovations.

If you're like me and miss traveling abroad, browsing the Brand Stories section of the 17 companies and more than 900 products presently represented on the Mozzafiato website allows the mind to wander through the wonders of Italy, imaging the sights, sounds, and scents of a country that holds a special place in many a heart. In these most uncomforting times, something is reassuring about getting an intimate look at the makers of products that are part of our daily beauty rituals.

"In the same way that the Italian culture and lifestyle have created an enduring love for its design, fashion, food, wine, and automobiles, the world is ready to unlock its passion for Italian beauty," said Amy Parsons, CEO of Mozzafiato. "American consumers have proven their affinity for exploring multiple and diverse beauty brands in a single location. Mozzafiato transforms that concept into a beautiful, emotional experience with this collection of truly authentic and unique Italian products."

Among the storied brands represented include Acca Kappa, a fourth-generation family business located in the heart of Treviso. Founded in the late 1800s as a brush factory, the company was expropriated from the family during the First and Second World Wars. In each instance, the family managed to repurchase it following years of hard work. Today the brand, one of the oldest in Italy, offers fragrances and skincare products for men and women, in addition to their world-renowned hairbrushes and toothbrushes. Of the company's White Moss cologne, Elisa Gera, great-granddaughter of the company founder, says, "It reminds you of spring in Italy. Once you try it, you'll get addicted to it."

Alongside long-standing companies are newcomers such as Storie Veneziane, founded in Venice by Sophie and Didier Guillon. Their exquisite perfumes are encased in equally refined vessels highlighted by a Murano glass mask and Venetian leatherwrapped caps that are functional works of art.

To enhance the brand's multi-sensory appeal, Mozzafiato plans to open a series of immersive retail stores in more than 20 major markets across the United States and Canada. For more information, visit sl


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