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Members of the Sophisticated Living team share their dream gifts to give or receive this season


Eric Williams, CEO of Sophisticated Living Media

Being able to fully disconnect is the ultimate luxury for me. This burly and self-sufficient expedition vehicle from EarthRoamer would give me the freedom to travel where I want without the need for propane, a noisy generator, or water, sewer or electrical hookups. Built-to-order in Colorado, the top-of-the-line $1.5 million EarthRoamer XV-HD includes a full bathroom with a separate shower, washer/dryer, a full kitchen, Bose Surround

Sound entertainment, and even in-floor radiant


For more information: visit

Carrie Edelstein, Editor-In-Chief, St. Louis edition

You can't buy time, but owning a private jet sure can help you save it! I want to add this Cessna CJ3+ to my holiday wish list. With a nine-passenger capacity, each of my daughters could invite a friend, cousin or their grandparents (pets too!) to join us on our next vacation.

Contact Doug McCollum at SpiritJets for the purchase price and operating costs: 636.530.7616,

Bridget Williams, President of Sophisticated Living Media and Editor-In-Chief of the Louisville and Lexington editions

It's no secret that I can manage quite nicely in the kitchen with just a microwave and a drawer full of protein bars. However, in an effort to earn some culinary clout, I recently started working with Century Entertainment and Furnishings ( on plans for a new modern kitchen in my 150-year-old house. I have been coveting this La Cornue Grand Palais 180 range in British Racing Green (from $59,100) ever since I spied it a few years ago in the window of the company’s showroom on the Rue de Bourgogne in Paris. More information and a list of distributors can be found at

Photo by Nathan Kirkman

Alison Victoria, publisher, Las Vegas and Chicago editions

Considering how important a good night's sleep is, the gift to give and to receive this holiday season is the Hästens 2000T series mattress. It is the legendary manufacturer's first three-part bed, and however you turn, it always feels like you are floating. I have been through so many different brands and styles in my quest to find the ultimate in sleep comfort, and when I discovered this cloudlike respite, I knew I had found my forever bed.

For more information: visit

Jason Yann, Art Director for Sophisticated Living Media

I spend a lot of time cooped up inside working on the computer, and I’m also father to three young boys, so free time is a rare luxury for me. Biking, particularly the off-the-beaten-path variety, has always been one of my passions. I’d be just excited as my sons on Christmas morning if I were to find this $7,000 Santa Cruz Tallboy X01 with a top-of-the-line carbon frame under the tree.

For more information: visit

Jeffrey Cohen, Editor-In-Chief, Indianapolis edition

This holiday season, I'd love to help my wife Jen channel her inner Kardashian with a pair of Porsche Design limited edition P8478 aviator sunglasses ($750), in this year's Color of the Year, a gold hue that would look great with her hair. And for me, well, I'd love the Porsche men's P8478 limited edition polarized sunglasses in black ($635), though if I'm honest, a pair of Reading Tool P8801 readers ($280) are probably more my speed (and just might up my cool factor in staff meetings).

For more information: visit

Amelia Jeffers, Publisher & Editor-InChief, Columbus edition

Are you listening Santa? Blue is my favorite color, and these stunning earrings are the perfect blend of understated sophistication with a pop of sparkle and glamour. Exclusive to the Diamond Cellar, these 18K white gold, diamond and tanzanite earrings (61.92 carats in total) retail for $53,650.

For more information:

Melinda Sheckells, Editor-in-Chief, Chicago and Las Vegas editions

I’m not normally a whisky drinker, but I do covet luxury spirits of all types. And this year, the gift of a liquid asset feels just so right. On my wish list is a $2,500 dram of Glenfiddich 50-year-old, available in one of my favorite spaces in Las Vegas, The Talon Club, The Cosmopolitan’s high-limit gaming lounge. Just 50 bottles of this are released every year for 10 years, and only a handful are available domestically. The vessel is a work of art, made of twocolored glass and outfitted in a hand-stitched leather-bound case. Offering its players every type of food and beverage imaginable, I once even had a pizza delivered to the Talon Club from the resort’s “secret pizza” parlor. Let me tell you, nothing goes better with a prestigious sip than a gooey cheese pizza.



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