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Written by Andre James


“Our mission is to become the number-one e-mobility service provider on Earth, featuring the world’s most desirable and sustainable vehicles while shaking up the old automotive industry model,” said Henrik Fisker, chairman and CEO of Fisker Inc.

The California-based automotive company made a splash with the world debut of their Ocean all-electric SUV at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Paying homage to the brand’s roots, Fisker exhibited the Ocean’s California Mode, a standard feature across all option packages except for the base model. With the touch of a button, nine glass windows/panels lower to create an airy feeling while maintaining the full “roll cage” safety structure around passengers.

The Ocean’s standard four-wheel drive configuration will deliver an output of more than 225 kilowatts (300+ horsepower), with an ultra-high performance version targeting the zero-to -60 mph sprint in less than three seconds. The +80 kWh capacity battery provides a range of up to 300 miles. Electrify America’s 150 kW chargers can charge capable vehicles up to 20 miles per minute. A full-length solar roof supports the car’s electric power source; the company reports that solar energy could contribute as many as 1,000 free miles annually.

Inside the cabin, a state-of-the-art heads-up display integrated into the windshield accompanies a sizeable 16-inch center touch screen and a 9.8-inch cluster screen. Sustainable features include carpeting made from abandoned fishing net waste and vegan and eco-suede surfaces. The company has pledged to utilize discarded rubber waste generated during tire manufacturing to prevent it from being sent to landfills.

The Fisker mobile app and website are central to the company’s interaction with consumers. A $250 reservation covers either the full purchase option or the flexible lease program. In advance of the first high-volume deliveries projected for 2022, customers will receive exclusive invites to Fisker experience centers and test-drives.

Multiple industry firsts have arrived with the Fisker app to create an innovative customer experience, from a flexible lease program, maintenance and repair on demand, insurance purchase to simplified fi nance options. Fisker says that in the future, the mobile app platform may also include mobility options like green ride-hailing, carpooling, and vehicle sharing.

“As the world’s first all-digital car company, we’re humbled and delighted at the overwhelmingly positive response to the Fisker Ocean,” remarked Fisker. “In addition, we look forward to sharing more developments on the Fisker Ocean with the world soon, including the first public footage of the full production-intent prototype’s road tests – showcasing the durability and readiness of the vehicle’s fully-engineered platform.”


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