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Written by Andre James


When the Los Angeles Auto Show debuted in 1907, Detroit’s Marvel Motor Company was advertising its Roadster, a two-seater runabout with 14 horsepower, as “a car of superior merit.” A century later, a 2020 Audi RS 6 Avant on display at the 2019 show packed a jaw-dropping 591 horsepower under the hood—a superior swag wagon.

Manufacturers from around the world increasingly use the LA Auto show to showcase their latest and greatest models. The show has also evolved to meet changing times, and now includes AutoMobility, the industry’s first trade show to combine technology and automotive sectors through new product launches, award programs, and panel discussions focused on pressing issues related to transportation and mobility.

The 2019 event, which took place from November 18 through December 1, made a concerted effort to increase awareness around electric vehicles (EV) and EV-ownership. The cumulative goal was to help consumers make informed decisions around alt-fuel options.

Nearly forty-percent of debut vehicles—including models from Audi, Ford, Karma Automotive, MINI Porsche, and Volkswagen—were hybrid or electric. Several manufacturers, including Jaguar, offered EV test drive opportunities, and other marques, such as Mercedes-Benz, displayed electric-powered models among their lineups. “With Los Angeles being the top EV and overall car-buying market in the U.S., our show is an ideal platform for automotive brands and EV | LA partners to educate and inspire consumers about EVs and EV-ownership,” said Terri Toennies, President of the LA Auto Show and AutoMobility LA.


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