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Kinetic Energy

Fine jewelry designed with movement in mind

Compiled by Bridget Williams

Clockwise from top left: Laura Caspi Crab Claw necklace ($1,700; Bondeye Jewelry Droplet white sapphire bracelet ($1,350; Yael Sonia Spinning Wheel bracelet with blue topaz ( One-of-a-kind Dream Catcher pendant from Buddha Mama ($68,000; Larissa Moraes Van Gogh’s Almond earrings ( Aura collection earrings from Gismondi 1754 ( Never Not Grab n Go-Ready 2 Laugh earrings ($6,968; Armoura Paraiba drop earrings ($3,499; Ashley Zhang Sunshine Citrine Rolling Ring ($1,750;

Clockwise from top left: Ritique Nouveau Spiral Wire Ring with white pearl ($494; Deborah Pagani Convertible Pill link necklace ($13,900; Moonlight Grapes necklace from Georg Jensen ($13,975; Arman Sarkisyan Starburst locket ring ($9,500; Maya Gemstones Saturn ring with Maya cut diamond ($4,536; Mateo Kinetic Object mobile earring ( Vram Chrona chandelier sapphire earrings ( Nouvel Heritage Talia earrings ($11,000;


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