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Elderly Americans have been caught in a catch-22 with dire consequences. The threat of contracting COVID-19 is compounded by the separation from family and friends. And while the community aspects of assisted living may seem appealing to some, pandemic outbreaks are showing the vulnerability of community living. Couple that with the fact that most people never want to leave the familiarity and comfort of their homes, and you’ll find hope from a local business that is poised to offer a better solution for families feeling the squeeze.

The professional caregivers of Home Care Assistance have the skill, knowledge, temperament, and time that family members may lack when it comes to providing much needed support for an older adult’s health and safety. Especially now, when it is much safer for a senior to interact with as few others as possible, home care is the option of choice for families across the globe.

Contrary to popular belief, families are not sacrificing the level or amount of care their elderly relative receives with at-home care. In fact, there is nothing better than the one-on-one care that can be given at home — and is never possible in a facility. Not only does Home Care Assistance have caregivers trained especially in the care of more difficult conditions, like dementia and loss of mobility, they have the professional care management team to walk the journey with families by providing advice, resources, and support.

At-home care is not only possible, it’s preferred. Only 7% of older adults ever choose to move to a facility. And with COVID, at-home care has also shown that it’s the safest option. Home Care Assistance has an on-staff COVID expert who is charged with evaluating new CDC guidelines, monitoring vaccine rollout, and putting safety protocols in place. The company’s employees are equipped with protective equipment and a staff trainer to walk through the protocols with them. For the benefit of all generations in your family, do your best to keep elderly relatives at home, because it’s possible with top-of-the-line care.


For more information about Home Care Assistance, visit their website.


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