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Grand Tourmaline

Compiled by Bridget Williams

As the story goes, it was somewhere in Brazil in the 1500s where a Spanish conquistador uncovered a green tourmaline crystal and mistook it for an emerald. This misconception persisted for 300 years until scientists recognized it as a distinct mineral species. Tourmaline mines are found domestically in Maine and California and abroad, including sites in Madagascar, Brazil, and Afghanistan.

Tourmalines boast a very complex chemical composition and one of the broadest color ranges of any gem species. Distinct healing properties are often associated with a particular hue. Some of the most popular types are buergerite (black), canary (yellow), cat’s-eye (forest green with cat-eye slits), indicolite (light blue), Paraíba (highly prized neon blue and neon green stones hailing from the state of Paraíba, Brazil), rubellite (red), verdelite (green), and watermelon (bi-colored with pink in the center and green around the outside). Pink tourmaline, associated with compassion and gentleness, is one of October’s two birthstones, the other being opal.

Clockwise from top left: Lily Gabriella rubellite tourmaline and green marble cocktail ring ($14,375; Nak Armstrong one-of-a-kind Mozambique tourmaline solitaire ring ($10,700; Kassandra Nicholson Sugarloaf tourmaline ring in textured rose gold ($2,920; Stephen Silver green tourmaline and orange sapphire ring ($4,750; GFG Jewellery Artisia with Malawian fair trade tourmaline ($4,769; Mary MacGill green tourmaline Floating drop earrings ($2,8000; Sorellina Three Stone tourmaline & chalcedony earrings ($3,750; Flora Bhattachary Ashru earrings ( Diaboli Kill Lilith dagger diamond earrings with pink tourmaline ($3,000; Dale Novick earrings ( Anthony Lent double headed green tourmaline Serpent ring ($2,530; Fox & Bond Springtime Ombre tourmaline ring ($1,255; Nana Fink Liz ring No. 2 with Indigolite tourmaline ($8,465;

Clockwise from top left: Gumuchian carnelian bead drop tassel necklace with carved green tourmaline panther center ( Emily P. Wheeler one-of-a-kind tourmaline Crystal necklace with sapphires ( Hublot Big Bang King Gold Paraiba with baguette-cut Paraiba tourmaline ($274,000; Vendorafa Bamboo70 cuff with tourmaline, tsavorite and peridot ( Camille Beinhorn pink tourmaline Catena bracelet ($575; Ananya Lotus bespoke Ascendant necklace (


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