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Franklin Park Conservatory Annual Orchids Exhibition 2021

By Seth Shanley

As our harsh midwest winter rages on, Franklin Park Conservatory invites us to stop for a moment and smell the flowers — in this case, orchids.

Park Conservatory’s annual Orchid exhibition continues until March 7. A tastefully extravagant gathering of over 1,500 orchids fill the Dorothy M. Davis Showhouse and spread throughout the conservatory. Equal parts natural magnificence and horticultural artisanstry, the display aims to usher spring’s vibrancy into our drab winter season.

“The orchid exhibition opens at a time of year when we are craving color the most. The Conservatory is a place to escape muted winter landscapes and surround yourself with bright, warm, tropical scenery. To be around so many flowers in the wintertime is a truly rejuvenating experience," said Conservatory President and CEO Bruce Harkey.

To further celebrate nature’s incomparable excellence, the conservatory has prepared stunning complements to its Orchids exhibition. Massive mosaics of mosses, tillandsia air plants, subtle succulents, Chihuly glasswork, and much more come together to amplify an already unbelievable exhibit.

Make your visit even more meaningful by visiting the conservatory’s Blooms & Butterflies event that runs concurrently with its Orchid exhibition. Until May 31st, you’re invited to surround yourself with thousands of vibrant butterflies or witness the miracle of metamorphosis. The conservatory offers everything you could hope for in a color cladden winter escape.

To learn more details about the conservatory’s Orchid exhibition, visit The Franklin Park Conservatory adheres to strict COVID-19 guidelines to guarantee your safety. For more details on its policies, visit

Franklin Park Conservatory is a member of our 2021 Giving Guide.


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