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Writen by Seth Shanley

Photo courtesy of Dr. Rob Graessle


While recent headlines have focused on the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, Dr. Rob Graessle has been focused on a pandemic that hits far too close to home. The west side native worked as an ER doc at Grant Medical Center for 10 years, where he witnessed firsthand a spiraling opioid epidemic and the devastating effects on his community. As overdoses continued to rise and treatment resources were scarce, Graessle fought desperately for change before determining he had to be a part of a lasting solution and resigned his position.

Graessle was driven to create a comprehensive addiction treatment clinic that would meet

patients where they are to provide a safety net of services that addresses every aspect of life for the most vulnerable populations in Columbus. In short order a building was identified on West Broad, in one of the highest areas of substance abuse in Ohio. Graessle tapped his personal experiences with overcoming challenges - including a passion for mountaineering, to name the center Basecamp Recovery Center. Recruiting a staff of like-minded professionals, Graessle facilitated the development of a program built on the principles of summiting a mountain.

Basecamp’s motto is “Climb” and patients are encouraged to lean into their support team as an Everest climber leans into an experienced sherpa - making the climb together, with no one left behind. For more information about Graessle and his team, visit

1. Faith. My faith that something greater than me is leading me through life is probably my strongest value -- and comforting on so many levels.

2. Freedom. Freedom of thought, expression, and to be all that God made me to be.

3. Adventure. My photo album portrays a fondness for outdoor adventure, but I consider most of my life to be an adventure. From business start ups to new relationships, adventure is central to who I am.

4. Purpose. Having a strong sense of purpose is essential for me. With Basecamp, this

purpose feels strong in that we are serving a high-need population that much of society

has forgotten.

5. Self Awareness. We are not stagnant: we are either growing as individuals or we are dying. I lean forward into personal growth whenever possible.

6. Mountains. I love the active lifestyle mountains provide. I also find an enormous amount of peace and centeredness in the solitude found there.

7. Black Coffee. Illy fresh ground in the morning. Sitting on the window bay in my office and watching the sun come up is one of my greatest simple pleasures.

8. Ice Cream. Jeni’s Salted Peanut Butter with Dark Chocolate Flecks is my favorite, but I will indulge in any flavor.

9. Hugs. I don’t consider myself a touchy feely person, but there is something amazingly warm and connective about a great embrace from people you care about most.

10. White Legal Notepads. I use them to write all my thoughts to see and process ideas and information. I love turning to a fresh clean sheet. I also feel a great sense of accomplishment when the last sheet is torn off to reveal the cardboard back.



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