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10 Things Dr. Frederic Bertley Cannot Live Without

Dr. Frederic Bertley, affectionately known as “Dr. B”, took over as the new President & CEO of COSI in January 2017, delivering on his reputation for being a powerhouse in engaging diverse communities and lifelong learners in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Bertley, who holds a Ph.D. in Immunology from Montreal’s McGill University, has a passion for bringing science engagement and enlightenment to people where they live, learn, and lounge. Whether providing basic health care in Haiti, presenting as an invited speaker to the United Nations, or engaging locals at a happy hour to discuss the science of cocktails, Bertley transcends the traditional image of a “scientist,” radiating, instead, as a stylish, high-energy thought leader. In Bertley, the roles of scientist, science educator, and CEO all coalesce through an infectious enthusiasm and through high aspirations for creating the next great iteration of COSI as a national leader in science center outreach, innovation and impact.

1. Family. There is nothing more special or important about the relationship, bond, and impact that my family has on my life.

2. Books. I grew up in the “Reading is fundamental” television commercial days during cartoon hours on Saturday mornings. Somehow, and thankfully, it stuck! Top three favorite prose: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings; The Merchant of Venice; and Go Dog Go; (Honorable mention – Green Eggs and Ham).

3. Music. From Mozart to Michael; Mahalia to Mambazo; Rachmaninoff to Ray; Miles to Marley; Wonder to Winehouse; Ramones to Rihanna; Beatles to Biggie; Celine D to Queen B, or simply Jay Z; there is transformational power in music.

4. Fashion-Style. Shakespeare said it best, “the apparel oft proclaims the man”. What you wear creates a silent dialogue with the world around you, often projecting aspects of your identity. It is fun to curate that non-verbal conversation.

5. Chuck Taylors. To me, Chucks are the best, most comfortable, walk around, stylish shoe ever made.

6. A Foucault Pendulum. This simple apparatus, and we have a beautiful one at COSI, allows me to keep perspective. No matter what is going on in my life, the country or the world, this special pendulum reminds me that our earth continues to spin and another sunrise and new day is just hours away.

7. The eastern view of Downtown Columbus and the Scioto from COSI’s Central High entrance. Simply put, breathtaking. It is definitely one of the most spectacular views of this great city of Columbus.

8. Grill. Vegetables, seafood or jerk-seasoned meats, the grill democratizes cooking and I feel ready for Chef’s Table.

9. Creativity and Innovation. I love experiencing creativity or witnessing innovation. Whether it is art (Basquiat), science (CRISPR genome editing), business (Airbnb), or conversations with thoughtful and reflective people - having that metaphorical lightbulb illuminate or seeing it in others is just plain cool.

10. One word: DINOSAURS! And how lucky am I that they are here, permanently, at COSI!


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