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10 Things I Can't Live Without

Photo courtesy of Scott Cunningham


When Dr. Carol Clinton’s ovarian cancer returned, she was determined to not only beat it, but to use her experience and unique perspective to help others on a cancer journey. In April, her podcast “I’ve Got Skin In the Game” celebrates its first anniversary. For the founder of Timeless Skin Solutions, helping others and engaging in the community is second nature. With a seemingly endless supply of energy, Carol not only coaches and trains up a team of physicians and professionals in her two locations, she travels around the globe, learning, speaking, and teaching the latest advances in medical aesthetics. In her spare time, she raises money for The James through her participation with the Girls With Gears cycling team in Pelotonia; supports the Dublin irish Festival (she and husband Chris were named Honorary Co-chairs for the 2019 Festival); and parents her three young adult children.

1. Family and Friends. At the core of a giant group hug of immediate and extended family and friends is my husband Chris. He’s my heart, my soul, and the best listener I know.

2. Entrepreneurs Organization. I joined to grow my practice and discuss issues with other like-minded business owners, but found a great group of friends who keep me on my toes professionally and challenge me to become a better person.

3. My Timeless Team and Patients. Fighting ovarian cancer for the second time has kept me from being present on a daily basis, but I am so grateful for them. They have helped to remember that in giving we receive, and when we share our most vulnerable moments with another human, we both win.

4. Girls with Gears. It’s an organization of women who who support each other, stay together to the finish line, AND support The James Cancer Hospital. Riding in Pelotonia was intimidating, but with GWG riding my tail and encouraging me, I have completed the 50-mile Pelotonia ride three times.

5. The Dublin Irish Festival. My husband moved from Ireland to the U.S. to work, obtained a master’s degree and never left. I love the sports, music, and dance that bring a wee bit of the Irish culture to our community for a fun weekend.

6. Travel. I love to explore new places, meet the people, embed myself in new cultures and experiences. After I visited Kenya, I became a board member of Village HopeCore International to improve the health and economic environment in the community. Travelling reminds me to remain open-minded on my life’s journey.

7. A good belly Laugh. I love being tickled by something so amusing that a laugh ripples all the way down to the center of my soul.

8. Podcasts. I’ve learned so much from podcasts that I created one myself! I get my kicks living on the leading edge of the learning curve.

9. My backyard pool. Whether it is jump starting my endorphins in the morning or relaxing on a float in the evening, it’s an indulgence that allows me to escape and helps me live a well rounded day.

10. Memories of my children practicing at the piano. I remember the moment each crossed the line from practice to pleasure. They are young adults who now live in Ireland, Vermont and Colorado, so it’s a memory that brings music to my ears that I play over again and again.



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