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New collection imagery from designers Ivan Young and Bella Belle are just the eye candy we need to break up the monotony of sweatpants and t-shirts and keep alive the dream of dressing up to greet a reopened world.

Ivan Young

A native of Guangzhou , China , Ivan Young says his interest in fashion began at an early age, and he grew up watching his mother and grandmother make clothes for the family to wear. He created his first garment as part of his university studies and went on to found his eponymous company in 2017, with an initial mulberry silk collection focused on essential pieces with clean silhouettes. Today, his bi-annual collections encompass both evening and ready-to-wear. "It's the best of both worlds," he explained. "Eveningwear offers a chance to get all dressed up and indulge in something luxurious, while RTW makes little pieces of that luxury more easily accessible." The designer describes his client as someone aware of her feminine power as well as the importance of self-love. "A lovingly made garment is really something that I believe every woman should allow herself to experience," said Young. Photos courtesy of Ivan Young

Bella Belle

Founded by a pair of best friends who met in high school, the brand is renowned for its embellished shoes, emphasizing bridal—and even more beloved for its focus on comfort. After commiserating about the difficulty to find flats that are dainty and not frumpy and elegant heels that weren't painful to wear, the pair aspired to lend a handmade aspect to their looks. Counter to fast fashion principles, Bella Belle's designers are inspired by elements that evoke emotions and senses, carving out a niche with a distinctive handmade approach where each beading and embroidery is handsewn and hand-cut. Their 3D floral embroidery technique is inspired by Japan's Sakura blooms, while patterns in crystal beadwork call to mind the bubbles in a glass of Champagne. This level of embellishment is inimitable by factory machines; they are more f luid, artistic, and exquisite as one might expect from a luxury brand. Photos by Laura Gordon Photography


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