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Barcelona Paella Recipe

In the summer of 2020, Sophisticated Living Columbus endeavored to support some of our favorite fine dining establishments by publishing a special section that included recipes for their signature dishes. This recipe was included in that feature. Click here for more recipes, and please - support the capital city's vibrant food scene.

German Village’s Barcelona is a delicious and immersive Spanish dining experience.

They offer a wide range of Mediterranean dishes and drinks, but their paella is a customer favorite. You can support them by purchasing a gift card as an “Instagift” on their website or directly through Read our feature on Barcelona from an archived issue here.

Barcelona Paella

Cook Time - 23 minutes

Ingredients Greased Paella pan Stock or starchy water - 9 oz Calasparra rice - 1 cup Diced Paprika Marinated Chicken - 1/2 cup

Saffron Sofrito - 1/2 cup Mussels - 5 Paprika Marinated Shrimp - 3 Clams - 2 Fresh Peas - 1/3 cup Sliced Piquillo peppers - 1/3 cup Sliced Chorizo - 1/4 cup Calamari - 1/4 cup Sliced Scallions - 1 pinch Lemon wedge - 1 Salt - 11/2 tsp Black pepper - 1 tsp


  1. Add the Calasparra rice, seasoning, sofrito, stock or starchy water, chicken, chorizo, piquillo peppers, and clams into the pan and mix evenly. Over a high adjustable flame bring the mix to a very gentle boil, then cut the heat down to medium or a bare simmer. It is easy to burn rice, so take extra care with the heat.

  2. In about 14 minutes, disturbing the pan as little as possible, the paella will begin taking shape. As the liquid evaporates, and the rice absorbs all it can and rises to the top, the bubbles and popping will naturally become more aggressive. As this happens it is good to further reduce the heat a touch at a time.

  3. At the end of 14 minutes 80% of the liquid will be reduced or absorbed and the famous socarrat will have begun forming on the bottom. Turn off the fire. Probe gently with tongs; the rice should feel as if its sticking to the bottom firmly but not completely (this can take practice). Quickly add the peas, mussels, shrimp, and calamari on top without stirring.

  4. Place in a 425 degree convection oven, high fan, for 5-6 minutes. For a conventional oven bring the temperature up to 450 and cook for 7-9 minutes.

  5. Remove from the oven, add sliced scallions and lemon wedge, let rest for a few minutes and enjoy!


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